Tuesday, 29 April 2014

F.U.N Lacquer Pay Day! | Review and Nail Art

Hi loves,
Today I have one of the most beautiful polishes ever to share with you, sadly this is my final polish purchase for at least a year... be sad with me, which means I can't even get a back up of this :( heartbroken to say the least *sigh*.
It really is just stunning, I had to have this polish when I first saw pictures of it and I was even more in love with it when it arrived, I immediately knew I needed more.
This for sure makes it in my top 3 favourites!

Pay Day! | Part of The Luxury Set. A real sterling silver fine cut flakies polish, which can be worn alone or as a topper. Giving a metallic/mirror finish result. The sparkle in this polish is insane!! Application is amazing and the finish is totally smooth.
I applied 4 thin coats on my middle finger so you can see the polish alone, my ring finger shows one coat.
I also used Lime Crime Parfait Day and topped it all off with one coat of Glisten & Glow H K Girl Topcoat.

Just what! I can not even express the beauty of this, I can keep everything crossed this is available in a year but I won't hold hopes :( I have this polish on my right hand already and am refusing to take this mani off for a day or two either. I am mesmerized!!

Check out that little macro :O!!
I just can't get over this, I am so pleased I made this my final polish purchase - it makes me super happy and it will hold a special place to me for that and of course its beauty.

You can find F.U.N Lacquer -
- Website
- Instagram

Are you amazed? ;)
Lou xx

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Shoutout Sunday

Hi loves,
It is time for this weeks features, only 2 to share as another didn't get back to me in time :(
I absolutely love both of these manis and I would check them out for more, all links are below each picture as usual.
By -
Instagram - Ashleygz


By -
Instagram - Pursuingpolishedperfection


How beautiful are both these manis, don't forget to check them out and share the love. If you would like your chance at being features be sure to tag #TANDTFEAT on Instagram.

Lou x

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit | Nail Art and Review

*PR Sample.
Hi loves,
Today I have a new nail art set by Models Own to share with you. A must have for nail art fanatics is what they quote.
As you all know, nail art is my number one with nails. As much as I haven't done it over the past few months but I still love it just the same.
I was super excited to see this appear in the mail, I couldn't wait to get started.
I decided to do nail art using all of the tools in this collection, something fun bright but easy to follow.

The kit contains -
2x Duo Dotting Tools
Short Detailing Brush
Fan Brush
Flat/Wide Brush
Striping Brush
Nail Art Tape.

I decided to do a saran wrap mani using Models Own HyperGel Naked Glow as the base, with Sun Hat and Beach Bag for the look.
I love the outcome and how well they all look together, I like the simplicity also.
I used all white acrylic paint for the nail art, I also used Models Own HyperGel White Light on the middle finger.

Flat/Wide Brush | I used this for clean up, it makes the perfect clean up brush if anyone is looking for one ;). I see this being used for one-stroke nail art but IMO it isn't really wide enough, some may work it but not me. A great brush either way :)

Short detailing brush | I am half and half on this brush, it is good but it is super soft so getting tiny thin lines isn't really possible. I wouldn't use this in such detailed nail art that I usually do but for lines shown about - Tribal, Aztec work this may work great for you!
Fan Brush | I am again not sure on this, the metal body part of the brush where the hair is bends... I had no idea what happened with this but I can easily bend it back and forth. It is fine and works fine but I found this rather odd.
I first tried this brush using polish and it worked awful, but as you can see above, it works fabulous with paints.
Striping Brush | This is similar to the detailing brush, I couldn't really get super thin lines but control of this brush is fabulous. I would use this again for sure.
2x Duo Dotting Tools | These are great, I usually do my own dots purely because I cant not get along with dotting tools but I do like these. The fact there are 4 sizes make a great addition to the kit.
Nail Art Tape | This is a great plus for this kit, I find I see a lot of people asking what this tape is or where they can find it, I like that it comes in with the kit. It works really well! I had no trouble with it and my line came out perfect.

Overall Thoughts?
I like this set although I am half and half on some of the brushes, the others will work great for me. I think it is perfect for those starting out in nail art and the price is great too at just £8.
These brushes are meant to be cleaned with nail polish remover after every use, this is a must! Most of my brushes go a bit funny when I do this but these brushes stayed so soft and like new. :)

This set is now available on Models Own Website and in Boots stores, they will be available at Models Own Bottleshops Worldwide on the 3rd of May.
- Website
- Facebook

Lou xx

Friday, 25 April 2014

Arcane Lacquer | Swatches and Review

*PR Sample.
Hi loves,
Today I have 4 stunning Arcane Lacquer polishes to share with you, 2 of which are new to the core line and 2 have been around a while.
I must state now, these are just simply stunning. I am going to get started with the 2 new ones.

Pistola | A stunning rich dark purple jelly base full of tiny multi coloured flakies and gorgeous shimmer.
This polish pops when the light hits it, as you can see in the photos. Truly breath-taking.
Shown is 3 coats. 


Rarefied | A beautiful dark chocolate holo shimmer polish with tiny flakies added.
Shown 3 coats.


The Power, The Passion | A stunning dark purple jelly base full of small purple and green holo hexes and shimmer.
Shown 3 coats but 2 would be fine.


Soulweeper | A stunning clear base polish packed full of grey and black micro glitters and a dash of hot pink thrown in.
Shown 3 coats alone but can be worn over another polish.

*All topped with one coat of Glisten & Glow Topcoat.

Overall thoughts?
What can I say! These are all fabulous, I love how unique they are and flakies is just my weakness anyway. Soulweeper is amazing with the dash of pink thrown in, they just shine through perfectly and make it just so unique and wonderful.
I love that they glow from within, seriously amazing.
Formula on them all was perfection, no issues what so ever.

Find Arcane Lacquer -
- Website
- Instagram

Arcane Lacquer does ship internationally but you can also find them -
- Llarowe
- Femme Fatale Cosmetics
- Mei Mei's Signature's
- Norway Nails
- Harlow & Co

Which is your favourite?
Lou xx  


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

INM Beatrice | Swatches, Review and Nail Art

*PR Sample.
Hi loves,
I hope everyone had a great Easter & Bank Holiday weekend, I decided not to post as I was busy spending some time with the family :)
Just before the weekend I actually received a surprise blogger package from INM Nails, they must have known I needed cheering up ;) Thank you INM!
In the package was this beauty, I absolutely love it and it was a perfect match to a fabric I had been wanting to do on my nails, I had found the fabric on Pinterest FYI :)

Beatrice | A stunning shade of turquoise blue, this reminds me of the Caribbean sea, all the darker blue shades you capture there, just beautiful! This colour completely did freak out on my camera so it's one you would have to see IRL. I have no idea why it didn't play ball but it is a definite beaut!
Great formula needing only 2 coats, I must add that this is one of those polishes I look at and think - 'ooo you're going to stain' but I am sure glad to say all is ok!

I thought it looked perfect matched with the 'imperfect' pattern, I also did the same on the little studs which were plain silver before the art.

I hope you all like this simple pattern idea :)

Find INM Nails -
- Website
- Instagram
- Facebook

Lou x

Friday, 18 April 2014

Freckles Polish Happy Hour Holos Collection | Swatches and Review

*PR Sample.
Hi loves,
I hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend.
Today I am sharing 2 stunners from Freckles Polish latest collection, Happy Hour Holos consists of 6 polishes - all named after a cocktail. Along with that I also have Freckles Polish Linear Holo Topcoat.
I absolutely love these polishes I must say, super super amazing!!

Raspberry Daiquiri | My favourite of the lot, its just amazing! This is a deep raspberry holo with perfect formula.
I applied 2 coats.


Caipirinha | This is just wow, beautiful green holo. It really does match the cocktail with the lime. Stunning.
2 coats with perfect application.


Linear Holo Topcoat | The stunning holo topcoat, everyone has to have one in their collection and this is perfect. Without being too much holo in there to dull the colour its applied over. Just the right amount in my opinion.
Application on this again was perfect, I applied one coat over SpaRitual Midnight Stroll.

Absolutely amazing collection, I love the colours and how unique to my collection they are. Formula being perfect on all of them. I really can not fault these at all.

This collection will go on sale April 25th, find Freckles Polish -
- Website
- Facebook
- Instagram

What do you think of these?
Lou xx

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Quirk Limited Edition Bitchcraft | Swatches, Review and matching Nail Art

*PR Sample.
Hi loves,
Today I am sharing a gorgeous Limited Edition polish by Quirk! I love the name of this one I must say, adds a little more character to the already awesome topper!
I loved the little charm that is on the bottle and you know me, I just had to do it! So I ended up without realising - a bit of a silver and black theme. Awesome outcome though! 

Bitchcraft | A stunning topper mainly full of black hexes in various sizes and small black stars, amongst the mix is iridescent blue, green and orange glitters. I love the way they sneak through the black glitters - it really catches your eye.
Formula this was perfect, I had no issues with applying this polish. I used two thin coats over Nails Inc Soho Silver.

Macrooooo -

And some close up macro shots? LOL!

I done the accent nail using paint :).

You can find Quirk nail polish -
- Website
- Facebook

I hope you all like this,
Lou xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Colors by Llarowe Spring Frenzy 2014 | Swatches and Review

*PR Sample.
Hi loves,
Today I am back with 5 more from the amazing Colors by Llarowe Spring Frenzy Collection, as you already know I am in love with all the polishes from this collection and these 5 are just so stunning!
I am obsessed with them and you all will love them too, I think ;)
Full thoughts at the end of the post.

Bea Stings! | A stunning raspberry reddish pink holo with added holo micro glitter.


Shimmering Waters | A stunning very light aqua blue holo with tiny and micro aqua holo glitters.


Tazmo Kramer | A stunning silver holo with aqua micro and tiny glitters.


Turquoise Twinkle | A gorgeous light silvery blue holo with added tiny and micro glitter.


Little Boy Blue | A lovely sky blue with breathtaking pink to golden shimmer, this is amazing.

How amazing are they?!
Overall thoughts?
I love them all, they were all amazing formula wise needing just 2 coats each. I would maybe have used 3 coats on Turquoise Twinkle and Tazmo Kramer, I would think on longer nails you would need 3.
You can find CBL -
What is your favourite here? Mine would be Bea Stings! or Little Boy Blue ;)
Lou xx