Monday, 31 March 2014

Mini Me Monday

Hi loves,
First off I wanted to apologise for the no posts over the weekend, I have been a little stressed and needed to just take a break. I am back and although not fully over stuff I have a lot to get done and shared :)
Sooo.. This week I thought I would try something different with little lady, seeing as each week she wants her nails done but doesn't want to share them lol. I thought it would be soooo cute to share Ocean with her own personal polish stash - yes she indeed has her own already lol!
She was so excited and was fully ready for mummy to snap pictures of her and her collection, I seriously can't get over how cute these are. Total proud mummy moment over here lol!

First off I knew I wanted some polish and head shots of missy, how adorable! She kept trying to smile whilst saying cheese without moving her mouth very much lol!

The above photo is possibly my favourite of the bunch, she looks like a dolly! I had no idea I captured this shot but I love it!!

Please excuse her head, she and her brother were being typical and she managed to bash her head :( she is totally fine though and it doesn't bother her lol.
Here she was putting her polish into the little box I had them in, although she now needs somewhere bigger as they don't all fit.

Of course she found her Minnie polishes straight up, she is a total Minnie fan if you hadn't already guessed lol!!

Here she is just checking out what polishes she has, that one being pink of course caught her eye lol!

Last up is Ocean counting and putting her polish back in the little box, I just can not get over the cuteness of her. The fact she is literally a mini me melts my heart. To believe she isn't even 3 yet! :D
Her total polish count at the moment is 89!! Yes 89 already :O goodness me lol.
I hope you all like these pictures and aren't too fussed that it isn't her actual nails, possibly next week! Fingers crossed missy wants to play nice and share with you all of course lol.
Lou - Ocean xx

Friday, 28 March 2014

Dollish Polish and Jindie Nails Duo Bonnie & Clyde | Swatches plus Nail Art

*PR Sample.
Hi loves,
I hope you are all well?
Tonight I have a stunning pair to share with you all, if you didn't already know - Dollish Polish and Jindie Nails have teamed up to share a duo each month based on Famous Couples Throughout History. This month if you hadn't already guessed is Bonnie & Clyde. Dollish Polish done Bonnie & Jindie Nails Clyde.
I really love seeing indie companies pair up and what a pair are these two amazing brands!
Going with the theme I decided to do a little Bonnie & Clyde nail art, I came across a gorgeous wallpaper done by Mattdanna on Deviant Art, I decided to change it up and remove the watercolours and add a kind of sketched feel.


Bonnie | A stunning nude packed full of gold shimmer with added gold and taupe micro flakes. I absolutely love this polish, I have a thing for the nudes especially when they are this good looking ;)
Formula was fabulous and I needed just two coats!


Clyde | A stunning matte black full of gold, copper, red and green micro flakes and shimmer. Hello beautiful!
This takes a total twist on the classic black nails - and actually would make me wear black nails any day, which usually I would never do!
Formula was perfect on this also and again just 2 coats needed.

For the nail art I used a base of Bonnie, done the nail art in black paint and added all the 'shading' with Clyde. All topped with one coat of Glisten & Glow H K Girl Topcoat.

This duo is set to release on April 5th on both Dollish Polish & Jindie Nails -
- Dollish Polish Website
- Jindie Nails Website
- Dollish Polish FB
- Jindie Nail FB
- Dollish Polish Instagram
- Jindie Nails Instagram

Are you excited for this duo? Let me know below :)
Lou xx

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Colors by Llarowe House Of Blues | Peter Pan Inspired Nail Art

PR Sample.
Hi loves,
Today I am back with another polish from Colors by Llarowe Spring Frenzy 2014, I have been putting this one off because it refuses to play ball. Damn it! I decided to go for it and played around with my set up till I got somewhat closer to how it is IRL.
Although it is not fully there, it has more of a purple hue that just didn't want to come on through. *sigh*
I have wanted to do this Peter Pan wallpaper I came across on Pinterest, for a while now and thought House Of Blues was a great match! This was a challenge, getting them tiny details on my nail - tiny isn't even the word for them if I am honest, I got it ok I think so I hope you all like it!

House Of Blues | A stunning blurple holo, the holo is much more stronger IRL - whenever I got a strong holo the polish wanted to fuzz out my camera and show up electric blue. Seriously? lol.
I used 2 coats here but this beauty is indeed a one coater, don't you just love that!
Nail art is done using acrylic paints. All topped with one coat of Glisten & Glow H K Girl Topcoat.

I really love this polish, so beauty and application is a dream.

Find Colors by Llarowe -
- Website
- Llarowe FB
- Colors by Llarowe FB
- Colors by Llarowe Instagram

Lou xx

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Stellar Nail Polish | Swatches & Review

*PR Sample.
Hi loves,
Today I have 4 gorgeous polishes from UK indie brand - Stellar Nail Polish.
I love seeing more UK indies and Stellar is one of them, her polishes are lovely and creations are beautiful! I could not wait to get started swatching these - Mini TipsandTopcoat got to try one before me... Something is up there I think haha.
I received 12 in the package, I decided to split them into separate posts as they match better this way.

Bilder Von Dir (Laith Al Deen) | This is a stunning dark sapphire blue scattered holo. It is so dreamy!!
Formula was a little thick but nothing not workable with - shown is just 2 coats.


The Only Exception (Paramore) | A lovely pink frost finish polish full of iridescent and matte squares and hexes and tiny micro squares.
Formula on this one was a bit of a pain, I will definitely add thinner next time. I used 2 coats :)


Depth Over Distance (Ben Howard) | A absolutely stunning dark blue holo, this is pulling up lighter in the photos.
Formula was perfection and this is a one coat polish but I used 2 for the pictures.


Black Balloon (Goo Goo Dolls) | This is so beautiful, black based shimmer. Perfection right here. Again could have been one coat but I used 2 for the pictures.

I love love love these 4 - the fact 2 of them could be one coaters makes me smile. Don't you just love that! Always handy on them days you need to do your nails with little time lol.

You can find Stellar Nail Polish -
- Facebook

*Stellar will be on Etsy soon, keep an eye on their FB page for now where you can also purchase her polishes.

Lou xx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Polish Me Silly Color Me Silly | Thermals

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Hey again loves,
I am back with the thermals from the new Spring Collection - Color Me Silly from Polish Me Silly. I received 4 of the 10 thermals in this collection.
I am not a huge fan of thermals and haven't had much play with them, but I gave swatching these a go - now I will state here that I did a huge booboo lol, because I am totally backward I did the transition of these backwards ... my hands always stay cold especially when swatching for some reason, so terrible! I haven't included the pics as I didn't want to confuse anybody but I do have full colour change pictures below. The only one I caught in transition the correct way was Jam & Jelly Oh My!.

Creamsicle Surprise | This one is so gorgeous!! Bright peachy orange when cold and nearly white when warm. Full of neon pink, purple, orange and yellow hexed glitter in various sizes.
Shown 2 coats alone but some may need 3.


Dreaming In Pink | A bright pink when cold to white when warm. Stunning! With various sized hexes and small bar glitter in neon pink, blue and purple.
Shown 2 coats.


Minty Madness | A super gorgeous deep mint when cold to white when warm. With a rainbow of neon hexes in all different sizes.
Show 2 coats.



Jam & Jelly Oh My! | Purple when cold to pink when warm, with added blue through purple/pink shimmer throughout! Absolutely stunning beyond words.
Shown 2 coats alone.

How gorgeous are these! Surprisingly I love them even though thermals aren't my thing. Jam & Jelly Oh My! takes the crown for me in these 4, what about you?
These plus the 14 other polishes from the new Color Me Silly Collection will be launching tomorrow Wednesday 26th at 5PM PST on Polish Me Silly website below.
I hope you enjoy the swatches, are you grabbing any from this collection? Let me know your top picks below :)
Lou xx

Polish Me Silly Color Me Silly Collection | Multichromes

*PR Sample

Hi loves,
Today I have a very exciting post for you, I got the fabulous opportunity to swatch for Polish Me Silly, I couldn't believe it seriously! Thank you ladies! 
The moment these beauties arrived I was so excited to get started, I decided it would be better to split the polishes into two separate posts so look out for thermals in around an hour!
Along with swatching of these I did the Polish Me Silly logo with a dry brush base of all 8 multichromes, I am rather pleased with the outcome of this one and I am so pleased Karin and Lexi liked it.
I received all 8 multichromes in this bundle, which honestly you do not want to miss out on any of the below pics - this is one huge picture heavy post btw so grab a cuppa tea and get comfy!

On to the main swatches shall we :) 

Fireball | A stunning colour shift from burnt orange through coral red with hints of pink through to a golden shade. I absolutely love this one!
Shown 3 coats over black but 1-2 would be fine


Off To Paradise | Stunning colour shift from deep purple to a violet with pinks, oranges and even some blue hues that you can capture in different lights.
Shown 3 coats over black but 1-2 would be fine.

*Above picture 3 coats alone*


Later Gator | Colour shifts from light to bright green, emerald green and also purple, blue and a bit of orange/red can be seen.
Shown 3 coats over black but 1-2 would be fine.


Chrome Back To Me | Colour shifts from bluish silver with hints of a subtle green through to a stunning shift to a pinkish/purple with added shimmer - it just looks like tiny stars in the galaxy to me. So stunning!
Shown 3 coats over black again 1-2 would be fine.

*Above 2 pictures are 3 coats alone!


I'll Call U Crater | A stunning multichrome beyond words, colour shifts from green through to purple and blue with added reds/oranges and golden hues can be seen!
Shown 3 coats over black 1-2 would be fine.

*Above 2 pictures are 3 coats alone!


Surfs Up | Colour shifts from metallic green to a blue through to purple an pink. Added bluish green  an pink shimmer also. Gorgeous!
Shown 3 coats over black but 1-2 would be fine.


Aloha Baby! | Stunning colour shifts from orchid hot pink through to various shades of pink to fuchsia and the added purple an oranges can be seen. The colour shift is subtle in this one compared to the others.
Shown 3 coats over black but 1-2 would be fine.

*Above 2 pictures are 2 coats alone - this could be a one coater!


Skinny Dipping | My favourite of them all, this is like looking at the tropical sea. Seriously! Shifts from ocean blue through to Caribbean greenish blues.
Shown 3 coats over black but 2 would be fine.

Phew, did you last the whole way? ;)
Formula on all of these were amazing, no faults at all.
I adore the fact they don't need to be layered over black and can be worn alone and you still get the amazing shifts. The sparkle in these are absolutely stunning also!
I topped all of these polishes with one coat of Glisten & Glow H K Girl Topcoat.
The entire Color Me Silly Collection consists of 18 new shades, all 8 of the multichromes you see above and 10 thermals! This collection is launching tomorrow Wednesday 26th at 5.00PM PST on their website linked below -
Polish Me Silly is also hosting a giveaway on their Instagram so be sure to head on over for details about that :)
Which is your favourite from the above? Besides Skinny Dipping being top spot I couldn't possibly pick, they are all amazing!
Lou xx