Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year Nail Art

Today I have some nail art to celebrate the Chinese New Year, I thought it would make an awesome mani :) I had no idea in mind really, I wanted to steer clear of any symbols because I didn't want to risk them spelling something different as to what I thought they said lol. It can happen!!
For this design I used Barry M Blood Orange and Barry M Boots Xmas LE Gold. For the design I came across a rather cool wallpaper on Instagram - as this year is the Year Of The Horse! It just looked so cool - I gave it a whirl.

Between the new lights and the shine on H K Girl Topcoat  I could not picture this well enough so I included the original picture below, that way you can have a better look at the art I did.
How beautiful is the wallpaper!

Wishing everyone who celebrates a Happy Chinese New Year :)
Lou xx

Thursday, 30 January 2014

R&R Lacquers Swatches and Review

*PR Sample.
Hi loves,
Today I am sharing a new UK indie brand with you all, R&R Lacquers is a 5-Free brand run by two lovely ladies! My oh, the pair have worked up some magic for you all!
I was sent 3 polishes from their The New Black Collection - the idea behind this collection is they are all glitter toppers to be worn over black polish or other dark colours. I failed here and swatched one over a light base butttt you can see they totally work that way too!

Resplendent | This is a stunning polish let me say, a gorgeous mix of tiny turquoise-aqua glitter and silver holographic glitter along with circle glitter also, along with a slight dusting of iridescent glitter.
I layered just one coat over Nails Inc Motcomb Street, along with one coat of H K Girl Topcoat.

Radiant | Along with a tiny mix of black glitters (now you see why I opted for a light base ;)) it is jam full of metallic rainbow goodness! I absolutely adore this polish.
Shown is one coat over Sally Hansen Dorien Grey topped with one coat of H K Girl Topcoat.

Delight | Just as the name suggests, this sure is! A mix of tiny iridescent glitters, tiny grey matte hexes, pink and grey little matte square glitter, turquoise-teal hexes and small very pale lemon hexes. This is such a soft pretty topper! Adore.
I topped one coat over Nails Inc Motcomb Street with one coat of H K Girl Topcoat to finish the look.

Overall I love them! Application on all was a breeze, you got just the amount of glitter for each nail without having to add a second coat. The combination for each topper is beautiful.

R&R Lacquers are launching tomorrow (Friday 31st Jan) so be sure to get following so you don't miss out of course!

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Enjoy all,
Lou xx

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I Love Nail Polish Pixie Dust | Mini Leopard Print and Chevrons

Hi loves,
Today I have a gorgeous mix and match mani for you, I always love to add nail art into swatches since day one. I had no idea for this one but soon enough I knew I wanted holo leopard print.. I mean who wouldn't ;)
I really love using these mini chevron nail vinyls and seeing as I have not been able to do any chevron manis since before getting these vinyls I just want to do loads.. don't worry though I wont go overboard ;)

Pixie Dust | An ultra holo pink/lavender shade of damn beautifulness :O Seriously step back and admire!! I really love ILNP holo polishes - in actual fact all of her creations. She really takes 'wanting a polish' to the next level for me lol!
I applied 3 coats of this for full coverage (index) I also used it for the leopard spots and my ring finger was done using Pixie Dust and a cotton bud. The other polish is OPI My Vampire Is Buff - All topped off with one coat of the heavenly H K Girl Topcoat.

I am so happy I got to capture the holo in this, all thanks to some new lights. Have you noticed? I am really happy with them and I feel they are improving the quality of my pictures, well I hope you will agree :)

You can find ILNP -
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Nail Vinyls -
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Enjoy all,
Lou xx

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Models Own HyperGel Swatches and Review

*PR Sample.
Hey again,
I am double posting today because Models Own hit 250,000 likes on their Facebook Page!! Congratulations MO!
I got sent these HyperGel Polishes only days ago, it was a complete surprise and a great one at that, after I first saw MO share these on their FB page I was like :O:O ooo! *Insert typical nail polish maniac reaction* ha!
I was mostly interested in 2 - both of which I got lucky on receiving!
This is going to be a bit of a longish post, I wanted to cover all details best I could and give input on formula per polish because they did vary.
Before I start here is the claims for these HyperGel Polishes -
''Promises to give you super-high-glossy gel-effect with extra vibrant colour. Ten brand new mega-shine shades that are highly pigmented, long lasting and chip resistant.
New gel formula glides on effortlessly for a flawless manicure with no streaking or dragging. The thicker gel gives a raised effect and allows you to apply a single coat for an extra glossy finish, with expert coverage for an immaculate at-home manicure.''

The three I am sharing with you today are Cornflower Gleam, Pink Veneer & Naked Glow.
Cornflower Gleam | Its as the name suggests which is just beautiful! Once I began swatching this I knew I was not going to get one coat from it. Although this isn't the thickest in formula out of the 3 it just wasn't going to work - and yes I did try. I had no issues with this one and I got 2 easy coats with it. The shine is absolutely beautiful, blown away.


Pink Veneer | Oh boy, I don't quite know where to start with this one. The shade is absolutely beautiful - everything you could want in a baby pink polish but the formula was something else. I know these are meant to be 'thicker' but I just couldn't work with it. I did all 4 nails but ended up removing them because they were so gloopy thick. At first I tried a thin coat and then a thicker second coat. After removal I went back in with two thin coats - which looks fabulous on camera right? Unfortunately IRL I could see 'bald spots' only very faint but I would probably use three thin coats next time.
I was so frustrated because from other reviews this polish worked great, just not for me.
The polish did drag, I had to be quick with it like brush one part and be done .. no touching up a part you just painted sort of situation.

Naked Glow | My absolute favourite of the 3, this colour is just perfection! I was so happy to have got this one because even though I rarely wear nudes I have to have them! This is such a gorgeous cream colour, which made it even better for me because I have been long awaiting a colour that suits what I want, this is it! This was around the same thickness as Cornflower Gleam, application was much easier - I used 2 coats again.

Dry time | I have had Naked Glow on for 1 hour and 8 minutes (currently 9.33pm UK) and it is fully touch dry - after around 3 minutes it is at the tacky stage and it does stay that way for a while. Knocking my nails on stuff and no dents but I can make slight ones with my nails.

Shine | Absolutely amazing! No other word for it, I am floored by the shine on these. 

I can't comment on the 'long-lasting and chip resistant' claim at the moment.

Do I think they are worth it? I would say yes some. I would highly recommend Naked Glow but Pink Veneer I wouldn't from my own experience but from others its been great - I would give them a shot and may well grab others myself :).

Release dates --
HyperGel launches exclusively in all UK Bottleshops on Saturday, February 8th, online at on Wednesday, February 12th, in Boots UK from Wednesday, February 19th and in Superdrug from Wednesday, March 12th.
The reason I double posted was because Models Own are offering you the opportunity to get these early in their 50% off sale starting tomorrow (Wednesday Jan 29th) at 10am!!
Follow them on FB below so you can be first to see the code that they will post at 10am.

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Enjoy all,
Lou xx
*PR Sample, all opinions are my own.

Valentines Nail Art feat SpaRitual

Hi loves,
Following on from my post yesterday I have another Valentines design for you, this time using all polish. I loved the two polishes I chose from SpaRitual and figured they would look perfect for an all out hearty nail art.
You can check out the full review of SpaRitual polishes here.

I had no plans in my mind for this design besides hearts - can you tell ha! I think my absolute favourite is my index finger, floating hearts ;) my original idea for this was visualising balloons? The rest kind of merged in with that. This is probably what I would class as one OTT nail design for the big V-Day but overall I really like it.

A written step by step for each design is featured over on Nail Angels website which you can see here.

I hope you enjoy this design,
Lou xx

Monday, 27 January 2014

SpaRitual Swatches, Review & Nail Art

*PR Sample
Hi loves,
It feels good to be back fully, today I actually have two manis I did around 2 weeks ago. I am now able to share them - woo! I teamed with SpaRitual to do some Valentines nail art using two of their polishes. I did the actual art using acrylic paint but I also have a mani I will be sharing tomorrow using just the polishes.
Too Hot To Handle | A gorgeous deep blood red crème with beautiful application - 2 coats. I chose this one because of course Valentines screams red right? As stated above I used acrylic paint for the actual nail art, I went for subtle but obvious ha. I have wanted to do the wording shown for quite some time with one word used, definitely something I will do again. P.S This colour washed my skin out so bad on camera sorry. :/


Reveal Yourself | A beautiful pale baby pink crème, application was surprisingly ok on this polish, I did need 3 coats. I again used white paint, I wanted something delicate to match the colour and I overall like the finished look. Topped with one coat of H K Girl Topcoat as with THTH.

You can find SpaRitual -
- Website
- Facebook

I hope you all enjoy,
Lou xx


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Shoutout Sunday

Hi loves, first off I want to say sorry for being MIA this week - I managed to get the flu after dodging it the past 3 times it hit the hubs and kids, it came to bite me one lol! I am finally feeling a lot better and will be back to normal daily blogging from tomorrow. Anyway on with our gorgeous features for today, I have 4 super beautiful manis to show you - don't forget to share the love!
Starting off with this absolutely beautiful mani, I am in love! Perfect use of pastels wah!
By -
Instagram - Runningwithlacquer
Facebook - Runningwithlacquer

I love love love this unique piece of nail art, just perfect!

By -
Instagram - Mcpolish
Blog - Polishetc

Seriously one of the most amazing gradients I have seen, wow! Amazing use of tape too!

By -
Instagram - Rubyrominaa

I have been meaning to do these for a while now but I am going to step down and admire these instead, woweee! Absolutely amazing!!!

By -
Instagram - Whoa_its_Jessica
Facebook - WhoaJessicaNailedIt


So that's this weeks features, how beautiful are each of these manis! Don't forget to go check them out via all links. To be featured hashtag #TANDTFEAT on Instagram :)

Lou xx

Monday, 20 January 2014

3D Butterflies ...

Hi loves,

Today's nail art is kind of a fail, maybe? I'm not sure, I love my pinky the most but the rest I am not so happy about blah. I decided to post anyway because it's not bad bad, I hope! Lol. 

This idea happened whilst I was having a chat with Barbra from ILNP and I instantly thought ooooh I know what to do using Nostalgia, one her amazing ultra chromes. I knew it would look amazing if I could pull it off that was lol! 

Nostalgia is crazyyyyy! I tried to capture the colours throughout each butterfly which I think happened pretty well for such small painting. Obviously I will be doing a full swatch of this polish, I just thought how cool would it be! Lol 
The background was inspired by shabby chic wood, hopefully that comes across somehow lol :/

I hope you enjoy this, sometimes things seem better in my head as to when I actually paint them :( lol! 

Lou xx

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Shoutout Sunday

Hi loves, another week down wah! Today I have some gorgeous manis to share with you. The talent around IG is just crazy! Don't forget to go share the love.
I am in love with this mani!! Mini leopard print inspired by me, so honoured thank you!! Plus an amazing rainbow to match. Damn, nails and art are perfection!!
By -
Instagram - Lemmingspolish

Pink splatter, omy I can't even express how much I love these! They are sooo amazingly gorgeous! WOW!

By -
Instagram - b_jessica_3
How fricking lovely are these, inspired by me - I just can't even tell how much it means to me when I inspire others. Thank you, so beautiful.
By -
Instagram - Nailsbymistyk

Hand painted paisley nails, so delicate and perfect! They really are gorgeous, love the added charm too!

By -
Instagram - Ahnailart

Cherries, oh yes please!! Love love love these mix and match nails - look at the damn glitter wowza! Perfectly painted and gorgeous nails!

By -
Instagram - Kellytattoo

Can I sit here speechless for a while, just wow! Leopard print, pink and sparkle - the combo to beat all! So so so beyond perfect. In love!
By -
Instagram - Mia1405

I need to own the new Gwen collection by OPI, these nails make me NEED them! How fricking cool is this broken mirror look. Beautiful!
By -
Instagram - Copycatclaws
Blog - Copycatclaws

I love the twin nails that happen on instagram, these 2 talented ladies made some inspired by me - goodness I can't thank you all enough! How gorgeous are these nails though - so perfect!!

By -
Instagram - b_jessica_3 && Nailsbyjoha


Wow, what talent ay? Thank you all for sharing your amazing work with us. Make sure you go check them all out and share the love.
Tag your nail pics #TANDTFEAT on Instagram to get featured :)

Lou xx

Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Smart Fox?

Hi loves,

Tonight's nail art is inspired by some fabric sets I saw on Pintest, I was waiting on the arrival on mini chevron nail vinyls which arrived today woo! I have tried to freehand them before and failed miserably lol, me and simple never seem to work well. Anyways I quite like this mix match nail art, simple but foxyyyy ha! 

I used Tip Top Orange You Lovely, Revlon Haze, INM Black Hole aswell as a white base for my middle finger. The foxes and glasses are done using paints. 
I am loving those chevron vinyls I must say, I was nervous using them but they are fabulous! 

Enjoy all,
Lou xx

Friday, 17 January 2014

Half Moon Heart Nail Art

Hi loves,

Tonight I have something simple, cute and girly for you. Truly I was stuck on what to do but I had to do something, I had already chose the polishes I wanted to use and went from there :).

Luckily I absolutely adore what I chose to do and of course I hope you like it also! 

I used Revlon Cupid topped with Essence Party Princess, for the heart half moons I used black acrylic paint. All finished with H K Girl Topcoat 

Wouldn't this be cute for valentines day? Expecially if you're in a rush or wanting something simple but lovey :) 

Enjoy loves,
Lou xx