Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Filofax and Nails.

Hi loves! 
I hope you're all doing great! Who's enjoying the half term? 

Today I have a pretty simple mani, super fall inspired with the rich polish and touch of gold. I got inspired by my new addition, a filofax Malden in Ochre. A special present from the hubs. It arrived today and I fell in love! 
I really fancied wearing a dark chocolate/wine shade after recieving the filofax, I wasn't super sure on the exact polish but had an idea in my mind ;). I actually didn't have a rich dark chocolate in my collection but fell upon this beauty. I am totally blown away by this polish by GlamPaint Lacquer, I'll start on the pictures so you can see. 

Don't they go so well together! This picture screams fall to me. 

Kim | A stunning deep Merlot with fabulous application, the first was quite sheer but the second coat evened it all out. On some people they made need 3 coats but 2 was enough for me. 

I did the art with gold paint and used GlamPaint Lacquer Matte Topcoat. 

I really loved the outcome on my thumb so enjoy 2 more pictures :) 

Anyone else love filofax? Or planners /organisers in general? I seem to be more into them now as I have a tonne of dates needing remembered since little man started school lol.

Lou x

Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween Candy & Jack Skellington.

Hi loves,
Phew! I'm finally back(ish)! It's been insane here with me and the kids being ill, after a rough 2 weeks I'm still not fully okay but good enough. 

Halloween is approaching so fast! I've really not been in the huge halloween spirit this year, but managed just another mani to atleast get done before the day :) 
I actually really love this mani, it's not creepy but super duper cute instead! 

I stumbled upon this on FB whilst late night browsing, it's actually a tattoo style page I found it on - name forgotten sorry! I thought it was so sweet looking and easily transferable into nail art. 

My kids totally loved this version of Jack Skellington as do I! 

For this mani I used Sally Hansen Black Platinum, W7 Little Black Book along with acrylic paints. 

Are you all set for Halloween? My kids have chosen to go as a Zombie and a Black Cat. :) 

Lou x

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Red, Nude & Gold.

Hi loves! 
Finally some activity on here, I have been super sick and so have my 2 munchkins, slowly we are all getting better but it's knocked us all sideways in the process lol! I'm still not 100% but eh, something is better than nothing right?

Today I have some quick nails, super rich style with the red, nude and gold. Simple but with enough character IMO ;) 

I decided to throw in some mini leopard print.. I haven't done it in a while, atleast not my signature way - teeny! And I just needed to add some sass in with the mani. 

I used:
Jacava Vanilla Slice
OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby
F.U.N Lacquer Pay Day!

I really love how the nude nail stands out enough but blends in with the rest of the mani. Plus you can never go wrong with red and gold! 
I hope you all like this mani, I'll hopefully be back to posting regularly asap! You can never tell what's around the corner, I did plan a Monday return, sorry about that! 

Pst, my giveaway ends at 12 tonight. Check the previous post!
Lou x

Friday, 17 October 2014

3X BeautyBay Festive Polishes | Swatches, Review & GIVEAWAY.

Hi loves!

I hope you're all well? I've been battling through feeling ill but I'm slowly on the mend. I haven't managed to do much this week and it's taken me a few days just to get these 3 polishes swatched, bad times.

I figured I'd get a post up to atleast finish the week off and hopefully start fresh come Monday, plus I'm ending it in a fun way too so that makes up for it, right? ;)

As you may notice by the title, along with swatching these 3 polishes I am also giving a set of these away too! Stay tuned until the end for that :)

BeautyBay have launched 6 brand new festive nail polishes.

"These gorgeous new BeautyBay The Collection glitter polishes range in gradients of subtle to dense glitter for a sophisticated grown-up glimmer. Wear alone or later over your favourite shades to create mesmerising multi-dimensional effects."

Fairy Lights Twinkle On Fifth Avenue | a stunning mix of holographic gold glitter. So yummy! I have shown one coat over a simple black base, this polish required a tiny bit of dabbing but besides that, gorgeous!

I tried to show the sparkle in the below macro, it's truly stunning IRL.


Tinsel Sparkles On Michigan Avenue | a super stunning silver liquid metal polish that gives a chrome-like finish. This polish applied beautifully and the sparkles, oolala! Shown is 2 coats alone.

Although my macros seem to make this polish seem slightly 'textured', it's not.

I'm not sure what it is about this polish in particular as it is just 'silver'... but it really is something beautiful.


It's Snowing On Main Street | A stunning iridescent glitter topper. I just love this! I'm a sucker for iridescent glitters though, they are magical!
I decided to apply one coat over Revlon Royal, fab application.

How lovely are they, this is my first time trying BeautyBay polishes and I'm super impressed with them. I would love to try simpler colours to have an actual full on opinion but these - totally for the win!

These launch on October 23rd exclusively on the BeautyBay Website.


Lou xx


Giveaway time!

Now all the blogging Jazz is out the way, have you any favourites? I honestly can't choose.

If you fancy winning these 3 just for yourself then check out the rafflecopter below. I will have this close on the 23rd October, launch day! Makes sense right?

UK only! Sorry international, the post just doesn't allow polish shipping abroad, sadly :(!
Starts tonight at 12! 
Ends 23rd October at 12am!

Any questions please mail me.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Simple Pumpkin

Hi loves!
Sorry for the no show yesterday, I've been a bit under the weather so manis are slow.

Today though I had this prepared over the weekend, a simple pumpkin mani. I'm kind of over the gore I keep seeing so I decided to keep it easy and not so 'ew!' :)

For this I used TipTop Orange You Lovely with dry brush black tips using Jacava Jet Black. 
On my ring finger I again used Jacava Jet Black followed by white paint for the pumpkins face, after that I used TipTop Orange You Lovely and Nina Ultra Pro Orange Flame.

My kids enjoyed this mani, bless them! 
I love this simple look and it's super easy to do on children too, bonus.

Are you a fan of the gore or do you rather the simple halloween style?

Enjoy all!
Lou x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Shoutout Sunday | Halloween

Hi loves
More amazing manis to share with you all today! I figured I'd pick out some halloween ones! Great artists so be sure to check them out via links below each picture ;)

How amazing is this! I love that yucky stitch look.

Can never go wrong with those pumpkins! I love the French look here, beautiful!

Amazing mix and match mani! That ring finger is my fave! 


Make sure you tag your manis on instagram to #TANDTFEAT for a chance at being featured :)

Lou x

Friday, 10 October 2014

Inspired | Flowers on Nude.

Hi loves,
I hope you're all great! 

Today I have another simple mani for you, this one is just gorgeous though! I got inspired by @Bloombyhaleyanne on Instagram. A stunning little online store that sells head wraps both 'BloomADULT and BloomBABY' adorable right? I mean some of these head wraps are gorgeous! I really need to get my and my mini me some matching ones soon, cuteness awaits!

This particular head wrap that inspired me had a stunning watercolor sketched look, just beautiful! 

For this I used OPI My Vampire Is Buff and paints. 
The head wrap looked as though the background was white or atleast super pale but I fancied a nude look today.

I really painted freely to match how the head wrap looked and the outcome is one of my favourites. I've always been one for the less 'perfect' ways anyhow! 

Are you a fan? Or is perfect looking manis more your style? ;)

Find Bloombyhaleyanne 

Lou x

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

New Technique | Dry Brush Gradient? I love it!

Hi loves, 
I hope you're all doing great! 

Today I am showing off my fresh nubs, yay! I really fancied a change of length and I miss square nails so it had to be done! I really love them and can't believe I've left it so long to change back. 

The mani for today is pretty basic, pop of colour amoungst the black. Possible favourite type to do TBH, I've just been really into black manis lately. 

I knew what I wanted to do, with a gradient being on my ring finger - problem was I have no sponges! I never really do because up until now gradients weren't a huge thing for me! I then thought *what about dry brushing* and the result is amazing, of course not as 'smooth' as an original gradient but it's something different! You can't see it greatly in the pictures but I will be doing it with more visible colours very soon. IRL the gradient looks good and up close the added detail the dry brushing gives is just great! 

I was so impressed that it worked as well as it did and no tools needed! Perfect for those quick mani days.

For this mani I used Jacava Jet Black along with Face Of Australia Have Your Cupcake & Eat It Too and After Dinner Mint for the DB Gradient. 
On the pinkie along with the FOA polishes I used - Color Gossip Not A Size Six, Jacava Blueberry Muffin and Eighty4 Creamsicle.
I also used black paint.

What do you think of my new found technique? Ohhh and the fresh nubs? So cute!!

Enjoy loves,
Lou xx