Sunday, 21 September 2014

Shoutout Sunday

It's back!
I decided it was about time we got the great Shoutout Sunday back, it had to end sadly a while ago but I'm finally able to share more amazing artists again! This had such a good response the last time so let's hope it goes that way again! :)

Today I am sharing 3 beautiful manis, check all the links below each picture. 

I have to recreate this, it's beautiful and that print is perfect. Woah! 

I am super jealous of this mani, watermarble skills here are crazy good! Amazing !

I love and adore this mani, that placement is perfect!! 


What beautiful manis to kick this back off with! Make sure you go check the talented artists out for more :)
SS will run the same each week so be sure to tag your manis - #TANDTFEAT on Instagram. 

Lou xx

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