Monday, 22 September 2014

Perfect Princess

Hi loves! 
I hope you've all got through the Monday blues okay ;) it's been a pretty relaxed kind of day for me today, phew! 

Today I have a simple mani but with so much character. I was inspired by the 'scaled gradient nails' that's been floating about lately. I really want to try it out soon but I have no sponges, duh! I then thought 'oooo what about glitter gradient?' Which is what I did for today! And I loveeeeeeee it! 

I'm really so pleased with how this came out, it looks no where near as fascinating as the 'scaled gradient nails' but still, it's something different. 

For this mani I used Barry M Rose Hip and my most favourite ever A England - She Walks In Beauty. I need backups, many many backups! The name is perfect for this. :)

I love how it looks like little bits of dripping gold, in my mind anyway! ;)

Have you been a fan of the scaled gradient look? I love it! I can't do gradients that fab but I will defo be trying it once I get some sponges :)

Lou xx


  1. Very, very princessy! Rose Hip is such a lovely shape :)

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