Thursday, 4 September 2014

I miss my square nails ...

Hey loves! 
I hope you're all good? Today I thought I'd post this simple mani I did yesterday, and have a ramble too. ;)

Yesterday I had one excited little man as his teachers came to visit, he was surprisingly not as shy as he usually is, I think he is just ready to be starting 'big school' .. Not sure if I am. The time is crazy quick fast since I became a mumma :(. Being busy with the meeting and stuff is the reason for this simple mani, I was meant to post last night but I was zonked - surprisingly! 

The header of the post you'll see, I got to filing my nails down a tad - they are currently in total shi* shape and driving me insane!!!! My right hand is just not even normal, the peeling and breaking is a nightmare! My swatch hand is a little under control but my cuticles totally suck. I've no idea what's up :( so anyway hence the file down. Before completely rounding them I squared them as best I could and had a little sniff, my nails are that bad that keeping them square is not possible atm -.- | with that I decided let's do a quick mani with this shape before the final file. 

*sighhhhhhh* I sure do miss them, I've grown so attached to round nails now but just seeing them all squarish does make me a little sad. :(

For this mani I used Revlon Cupid and Sinful Colours Pinky Glitter. This ones for Barbie ;)
I really love this simple and super cute mani! The SC glitter is darn beautiful and Cupid is a long love of mine. Can't go wrong with either of these beauties IMO.

Does anyone have any great nail care options for my pooped nails? Helpppp! Hehe.

Lou xx


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