Monday, 29 September 2014

I finally do the Ruffian!

Hi loves,
Happy Monday lol! Today I'm kicking off the week with something I had yet to try but have always wanted to! The ruffian mani, atleast I'm sure I haven't ... I remember trying it a while back and completely failing LOL.
I decided to give it another go last night as I had reshaped my nails a little? Maybe not even that noticeable but IRL it is. I wanted to go more 'pointy' so I think I slot in the almond shape club now!

It's quite the challenging shape and one that I am yet to photograph well with. 
I adore them in reality and overtime I will probably get better at shaping them, I'm a newbie so forgive me lol.

For this I used Jacava Jet Black along with silver paint and a stunning loose glitter. I topped the black off with GlamPaint Matte Topcoat. 

Are you a fan of the ruffian style mani? I'm stuck on the fence with it. 

Lou x

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Shoutout Sunday

Hi loves,
It's that glorious timeeee of the week where we get to check out some amazing artists. 
Today I have 2 for you, the third didn't get back to me. IG feeds can go crazy quick though but fingers crossed for 3 next week! :)

As ever be sure to check them out via the links below each picture. 

This is a stunning piece of work! Skilledddd.

I sigh at this mani, it's just perfection! How how and how? Flawless work.


I can't get enough of the brights even if summers over, pft W/E lol. 
Don't forget to check out this weeks features and show some love :)
If you would like to be featured be sure to hashtag #TANDTFEAT on Instagram :)

Lou xx

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Halloween Nails already?

Hey loves,
I'm still getting my head around the fact it's nearly the end of the year, already? This year has flown by crazy quick, I probably say that every year but so much has happened in 2014, I am certain it's gone super quick somehow lol.

I thought I'd throw in a halloween design already, is it too early? I think other nail bloggers have got into the spirit already, atleast I'm hoping it's not only me lol!

I first was going for a simple negative space type mani.. when after applying Essie Shine Of The Times over black did I realise how Halloween'y it looked. 

Can you spot the subtle nail art? I think it came out so cool. 

I had a moment when I released after I  had taken bottle pics... That this mani matched my *now* sweater (the one that was my hubbies who had worn it only twice before I got bleach on it by accident) oooopsie, he's so upset but it came out cool IMO lol. 
That explains how I decided to use the jumper instead of the bottle which adds that bit extra halloween'y vibe to the mani.

I'm obsessed. I love the cheeky web and spider. Can you see it yet? Lol. Oh & I had to go pic crazy :)

Are you looking forward to Halloween? Any plans yet? :)

Lou xx

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Freckles Polish x4 | Swatches and Review

Hi loves,
I hope you're all doing great :)
Is anyone having any issues with blogger? I've been trying to upload pictures since last night, annoyance! 

Anyway, now I've finally got this to post I am sharing 4 super gorgeous polishes from Freckles Polish, 2 being from the Autumn Dreams Collection and the other two are from I'm Spooked Collection.
Both these collections are being released Friday 26th September. 

I'll start with the Autumn Dreams Collection, lots of pictures ahead! ;)

Cozy Night In | a beautiful soft lilac holo with perfect application! Freckles Polish is amazing at creating such dreamy holos. 
Shown 2 coats.


I'll Need Wine | The stunning rich wine holo which has stolen my heart completely! This polish had my jaw dropping when I applied it, so much so I sat and applied it on my other hand (which is still going strong 3days later! FYI). Total perfection and the perfect fall polish for me.
Shown 2 coats.  

Next is the I'm Spooked Collection! 
Who's ready for Halloween? I know it's a hugeee thing in the US.

The Witching Hour | A deep slime green jelly full of various purple, pink and green size and shaped glitters plus added shimmer too! It's a crazy mix! Perfect for Halloween! 
Shown 3 coats.


Toil and Trouble | a deep indigo base full of green holo glitters in various shapes and sizes and a dash of teeny silver holo square glitters. I had to do some fishing for the circle glitters in this one, I'm not sure why as The Witching Hour played fine, this one was stubborn lol. 
Shown 2 coats.

How gorgeous are these? I'm just so in love with I'll Need Wine the most, any favourites for you all?

Find Freckles Polish

Lou xx

Monday, 22 September 2014

Perfect Princess

Hi loves! 
I hope you've all got through the Monday blues okay ;) it's been a pretty relaxed kind of day for me today, phew! 

Today I have a simple mani but with so much character. I was inspired by the 'scaled gradient nails' that's been floating about lately. I really want to try it out soon but I have no sponges, duh! I then thought 'oooo what about glitter gradient?' Which is what I did for today! And I loveeeeeeee it! 

I'm really so pleased with how this came out, it looks no where near as fascinating as the 'scaled gradient nails' but still, it's something different. 

For this mani I used Barry M Rose Hip and my most favourite ever A England - She Walks In Beauty. I need backups, many many backups! The name is perfect for this. :)

I love how it looks like little bits of dripping gold, in my mind anyway! ;)

Have you been a fan of the scaled gradient look? I love it! I can't do gradients that fab but I will defo be trying it once I get some sponges :)

Lou xx

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Shoutout Sunday

It's back!
I decided it was about time we got the great Shoutout Sunday back, it had to end sadly a while ago but I'm finally able to share more amazing artists again! This had such a good response the last time so let's hope it goes that way again! :)

Today I am sharing 3 beautiful manis, check all the links below each picture. 

I have to recreate this, it's beautiful and that print is perfect. Woah! 

I am super jealous of this mani, watermarble skills here are crazy good! Amazing !

I love and adore this mani, that placement is perfect!! 


What beautiful manis to kick this back off with! Make sure you go check the talented artists out for more :)
SS will run the same each week so be sure to tag your manis - #TANDTFEAT on Instagram. 

Lou xx

Friday, 19 September 2014

Madam Glam x4 | Swatches and Review

Hi loves,
Hope you're all enjoying the start of the weekend! Mine has been pretty okay, minus feeling ill. Besides that I participated in Free Art Friday! A great thing hosted by Paper Panda (check her out she is amazing!) where arty crafty fellows left a piece of their own work in the street, anywhere they fancied.. So someone could find it. A little spread of love to make someone smile :) mine has been taken but not sure yet by who?! So I'm stalking the hashtag #freeartfridaypp on social media in the hope of seeing my work claimed. Hehe :)

Today I am sharing 4 polishes from Madam Glam, a new to me brand which I'm excited to show off! 

So Bombshell | a stunning hot pink with small holo hexes, sporting a lovely frosted pearl finish.
Shown 2 coats, some may need 3.


Ladylike | described as a 'muted timeless creamy red' which I totally agree! It's showing a tad brighter on my nails but it is near the bottle colour IRL.
Shown 2 coats.


Emerald Dream | the stunning emerald jelly. It's so squishy. I love it! 
Shown 2 coats but some may need 3.


Under The Stars | the mystic one, a stunning deep ink purple with tiny flecks of sparkle. More true to colour in macro mode, it freaked my camera out in normal pictures for some reason lol!
Shown here 2 coats, could use 1. 

Which is your favourite? It's a tough one for me! 
Overall I really enjoyed swatching these, I did find the brushes to be a little stiff for me? I got good application but the brush hairs didn't flow/move as easy as other polishes. Besides that though all is great! I did experience a little staining with Under The Stars so I would recommend doubling on the base coat.

Find Madam Glam -

Lou xx