Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Vape Tuesday with The Crystal Cult | Bandana

Hi loves,
Hope you're all doing great!! I'm sure you may be wondering what 'Vape Tuesday' is.... Well it is a new thing happening here each Tuesday for the next few weeks, and I'm sure it'll pop back up when I have vapes to match the nails in the future.
I decided it would be a fun addition to the blog, I've always enjoyed a good matchy post and as I have also become a new vape lover **bye bye nasty cigs!** - being nearly 3 months smoke free now .. Actually insane it's gone so fast!! wah! 

I'm not sure if you remember my 'Nails match Vape' post a while ago (I hit one month smoke free) where I matched my nails to the amazing vape that helped me stop. I just love it, it's my little vape baby! 
Well it's going to run exactly like that did, matching my mani with a vape. :P
I still sit and think 'wow, I don't smoke anymore' lol! It's mad as I always had in my mind it was a no chance for me quitting. I kind of hope that anyone who reads can see it's do-able to quit even if you think it's impossible. I was a smoker for roughly 10years!! I've been hooked on vaping and completely agree with it, I'm slowly converting my dad, bro & his misses and the MIL is on her way to switching to vaping too! :D with that - those a little young or a non-smoker can just enjoy the nail art instead, I hope! 

For today the stunning vape I'm matching with is the Bandana Vape Pen by The Crystal Cult. I am showcasing the gorgeous light pink bandana but it is also available in - black, red, hot pink, turquoise, orange & also yellow.
Along with the bandana colour options you are able to add different crystal tanks..  or you can keep to a clearomizer which is what the vape comes with. 

For my nails I used LimeCrime Parfait Day along with paints for the actual nail art. I love the outcome, even the hubby was like 'that's actually really nice, I didn't think you would do the bandana design that good' - thanks for that babe hahha! 

I thought I'd include this thumb shot, just because I liked the simple but cute design really ;)

For those interested this can be found on The Crystal Cult for $45.00 (around £27 via google). They offer worldwide delivery and seriously have some stunning vapes. I can't wait to share the rest! 
- http://www.thecrystalcult.com/bandana-vape-pen/

Find The Crystal Cult - 
Web: www.thecrystalcult.com
Instagram: @thecrystalcult
Facebook: The Crystal Cult

Lou xx


  1. Congratulations on quitting smoking! I was a smoker for about 15 years, my husband and I both switched to vaping in February, so about 6 months ago. I am in love! I feel so much better and my health has improved. We have managed to convert both my parents and grandparents. Plus all the money I've saved has now been put into my indie polish addiction! Lol. Love your vape and your nails!

  2. Your nails are charming! I have never heard of a vape but gather it's a type of electronic cigarette? I did look at their website and saw a while bunch of words I didn't understand (E-Juices, Cartomizer Tanks, Drip Tips, Hybrid Mods, etc.). I have heard smoking is extremely hard to quit. It's still a fairly socially acceptable addiction, like alcohol and over-eating. Both my maternal grandparents died of causes related to smoking as well as my mother's sister. My mother's brother also smokes. It is absolutely miraculous that my mother, brought up in a house with two parents and two older siblings who all smoked, never once picked up a cigarette. I'm so grateful for that. I'm impressed by you, Lou. I'll send you good wishes and vibes. Good for you for translating the instrument helping you break your addiction into such beautiful nail art. You continue to amaze me! Thanks for this post. :) Delphi

  3. This is lovely nail art in and of itself, I'm wowed! If you add to it the fact that you quit smoking, this is my favorite manicure of the month, hands down. Congratulations on the quitting and congratulations on the super cute matching mani!

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