Thursday, 28 August 2014

Red Nails & Mini Leopard Print | I'll be back on Monday!

Hi loves,
I hope you're all well?
I've been terrible at posting and only once this week, I was actually real clever with the nail file Monday evening just after finishing my Vape mani .... and I managed to slice under my nail with a fresh file - it real hurt and nail polish remover is not my friend ATM. I'm now stuck resting it. On top it's hubs birthday Saturday so been busy with that buttttt I will be back to posting on Monday!! :)

Today I have a mani I was meant to post up Monday gone, no idea what happened to that! This was just a simple quick thrown together mani, I really fancied wearing red which never happens! 

I went with 2 coats of Barry M Blood Orange, using a cotton bud and some polish remover I rubbed some of the polish away. On top of that I added some little print - which is actually pretty big compared with my usual lol. I finished with a touch of gold paint. 

I don't love these as much as I did in my head but eh, something different I guess. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be back on Monday as stated above but I can be contacted via social media pages (IG and FB) along with my email of course :) 

I'm off to rest this meany cut, I should invest in a glass file or something I think! Lol ;)
Lou xx


  1. I love this! It has a really unique distressed look!


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