Sunday, 17 August 2014

Polishers Inc. | Re-create A Pattern

Hi loves, 

I hope you're all well today. Nothing beats a good Sunday lol. Although now hubs shifts at work have changed it's hard getting used to the new rota, I have spent most of the day wondering how damn late the postman could actually get, I know! Duh! Ha.

Today I am finally getting around to joining in with the ladies of the fabulous Polishers Inc. group I have been apart of since the start!! Yikes, TipsandTopcoat getting back on track? wahey! LOL.

Today the challenge is 'Re-create a pattern' pretty simple to start me off with ;) I decided on a jumper that I am head over heels in love with but can't own :( maybe one day!! For now the matching nails will be okay, I guess lol.

For this I used the stunning Creamsicle by Eighty4, I think this is one of my faves ever. Formula is okay, a little on the patchy side but I found a thin third coat evened it all out perfectly. 
For the rest I just used paints as ever. I decided on simple accent nails instead of all over and tbh I am so happy with the choice, I love it! 

I'm guessing you want a sneak at the jumper? I have a pic saved just so I can drool.... Daily. *sighs* 

Isn't it just amazing?! Ugh. I have always been a fan of the oversized type sweaters and this is the prettiest - ever! 

You can check out the other bloggers in this by checking out the FB page. (I hope to have links resumed in the next week, fingers crossed!)

Enjoy all,
Lou xx


  1. This is so cool, very subtle and interesting! I'm really glad you could join us today :)

  2. I like your nails better than the sweater, looks like it would get my stomach quite cold. :D

  3. Wow!! That base colour is divine! I so need that! And I get why you're in love with that sweater, the print is so cute! (So are your nails, obviously :))

  4. whooow such a nice peachy colour! <3

  5. Love this recreation and your sweater inspiration :) And what a gorgeous peachy color. I am glad that you joined this challenge with us <3

  6. You nailed that recreation totally :D


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