Friday, 22 August 2014

Chanel Taboo | Swatch & Thoughts.

Hi loves,
Hope you're all enjoying the start of the bank holiday weekend! Yet another one, I'm sure we've had one every other weekend.. Atleast it feels that way lol! 

Today I finally have Chanel Taboo on the blog, I know how late am I? Sheesh! Butttt, it has been chilling nicely in my cupboard a fair few months now ;) Yikes :/.
I decided today I was going to put it on and wear the polish I had lusted after since seeing pics online. Was it as cracked up as I thought it would be? I'm not sure TBH. 

*thanks to my family I have 'Liney (lol it's a word I have always used)' hands - be nice! Even my babies have them, sorry kiddos! Lol :(*

First off it was a complete pain to photograph but saying that I generally love this polish in the bottle, on the nail not as much :(. Don't get me wrong it is a stunning polish, I was expecting more I guess! Definately a little galaxy vibe from it but it's pretty standard for me. In the bottle it looks just dreamy! 

Formula is amazing and needing just 1 coat, who doesn't love that! Although I did apply 2 ;) 

I wouldn't say I'm disappointed but I am glad I didn't pay full price or hacked up prices for this. I will probably wear it again but it won't be a huge regular, sadly. 
I do like it and it is a unique polish.. but one to kick a fuss up over? Not in my opinion. 

Sigh* lol!
Lou xx


  1. Lou, I totally get what you're saying about this one. It's definitely a beauty, and the shimmer is fantastic. It's just so much more stunning in the bottle that, nice as it is, I can't help feel a little disappointed in the darker purple shade it becomes. Beautifully modeled, though! ^_^

  2. I can totally see what you mean. Good to know!

  3. I like the close up shot of this polish. It looks great.
    BTW you have beautiful nails.

  4. I love the macros, but I must admit that I won't buy this myself. It's the kind of polish that looks stunning on pictures in the right light, but I just know that it'll just look close to black on me. :)


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