Thursday, 28 August 2014

Red Nails & Mini Leopard Print | I'll be back on Monday!

Hi loves,
I hope you're all well?
I've been terrible at posting and only once this week, I was actually real clever with the nail file Monday evening just after finishing my Vape mani .... and I managed to slice under my nail with a fresh file - it real hurt and nail polish remover is not my friend ATM. I'm now stuck resting it. On top it's hubs birthday Saturday so been busy with that buttttt I will be back to posting on Monday!! :)

Today I have a mani I was meant to post up Monday gone, no idea what happened to that! This was just a simple quick thrown together mani, I really fancied wearing red which never happens! 

I went with 2 coats of Barry M Blood Orange, using a cotton bud and some polish remover I rubbed some of the polish away. On top of that I added some little print - which is actually pretty big compared with my usual lol. I finished with a touch of gold paint. 

I don't love these as much as I did in my head but eh, something different I guess. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be back on Monday as stated above but I can be contacted via social media pages (IG and FB) along with my email of course :) 

I'm off to rest this meany cut, I should invest in a glass file or something I think! Lol ;)
Lou xx

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Vape Tuesday with The Crystal Cult | Rainbow Dreams

Hi loves,
It's already time for another vape and nails matchy match! Please scroll down my posts a little if you are unsure what this is about. This series is such a fun one for myself and exciting too! 

The vape I'm sharing today is called Rainbow Dreams, I first of all was going to go with a simple rainbow gradient and crystal nails... but as ever I changed ideas pretty much at the moment I started the mani lol! 
I'm real happy with the outcome so let's jump on with the pics ;)

I used a bunch of polish for this mani, possibly the most ever on one mani :o wahh!
KIKO Poker 03
Models Own Beach Bag
Colour Gossip Not A Size Six
Barry M Spring Green
KIKO 385
Illamasqua Jo'mina
Sation Love At First Lavender
Nails Inc Soho Silver
Barry M Diamond Glitter
China Glaze Fairy Dust

The nail art was done using paint and polish - the quote reads 'Somewhere over the rainbow, your dreams come true' :)

I love this vape! Truly beautifulllll and the bling tank is a perfect match! 

You can find this vape on The Crystal Cult Website for $60 (around £36.22 via google). They offer worldwide shipping and all vapes are made to order :)

Friday, 22 August 2014

Chanel Taboo | Swatch & Thoughts.

Hi loves,
Hope you're all enjoying the start of the bank holiday weekend! Yet another one, I'm sure we've had one every other weekend.. Atleast it feels that way lol! 

Today I finally have Chanel Taboo on the blog, I know how late am I? Sheesh! Butttt, it has been chilling nicely in my cupboard a fair few months now ;) Yikes :/.
I decided today I was going to put it on and wear the polish I had lusted after since seeing pics online. Was it as cracked up as I thought it would be? I'm not sure TBH. 

*thanks to my family I have 'Liney (lol it's a word I have always used)' hands - be nice! Even my babies have them, sorry kiddos! Lol :(*

First off it was a complete pain to photograph but saying that I generally love this polish in the bottle, on the nail not as much :(. Don't get me wrong it is a stunning polish, I was expecting more I guess! Definately a little galaxy vibe from it but it's pretty standard for me. In the bottle it looks just dreamy! 

Formula is amazing and needing just 1 coat, who doesn't love that! Although I did apply 2 ;) 

I wouldn't say I'm disappointed but I am glad I didn't pay full price or hacked up prices for this. I will probably wear it again but it won't be a huge regular, sadly. 
I do like it and it is a unique polish.. but one to kick a fuss up over? Not in my opinion. 

Sigh* lol!
Lou xx

Thursday, 21 August 2014

When in doubt?...

Get the gems out! Paaha! 

Hi all, 
Hope you're all doing good?.
Today is a simple quick mani all thanks to no inspiration - well arty wise, but I had to do my nails and I wanted to get a post up after missing yesterday - annoyingly. I did have family round so it was a busy day lol! 
I kind of like today's quick mani though and you can't really go wrong with cute things on your nails... Can you? Lol. 

Yep, here is my random gem mani! I didn't go OTT really, minus my ring finger which - what is that? I don't even know. I kind of like it but don't :/ hmmmm, it had to do though. Lol!! 

The other nails were inspired by @banicured_ on Instagram ;) I love those! So cuteeee.
I used Jacava Jet Black & Barry M Matt White for these and all the gems were from eBay.

Enjoy all :)
Lou xx

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Vape Tuesday with The Crystal Cult | Bandana

Hi loves,
Hope you're all doing great!! I'm sure you may be wondering what 'Vape Tuesday' is.... Well it is a new thing happening here each Tuesday for the next few weeks, and I'm sure it'll pop back up when I have vapes to match the nails in the future.
I decided it would be a fun addition to the blog, I've always enjoyed a good matchy post and as I have also become a new vape lover **bye bye nasty cigs!** - being nearly 3 months smoke free now .. Actually insane it's gone so fast!! wah! 

I'm not sure if you remember my 'Nails match Vape' post a while ago (I hit one month smoke free) where I matched my nails to the amazing vape that helped me stop. I just love it, it's my little vape baby! 
Well it's going to run exactly like that did, matching my mani with a vape. :P
I still sit and think 'wow, I don't smoke anymore' lol! It's mad as I always had in my mind it was a no chance for me quitting. I kind of hope that anyone who reads can see it's do-able to quit even if you think it's impossible. I was a smoker for roughly 10years!! I've been hooked on vaping and completely agree with it, I'm slowly converting my dad, bro & his misses and the MIL is on her way to switching to vaping too! :D with that - those a little young or a non-smoker can just enjoy the nail art instead, I hope! 

For today the stunning vape I'm matching with is the Bandana Vape Pen by The Crystal Cult. I am showcasing the gorgeous light pink bandana but it is also available in - black, red, hot pink, turquoise, orange & also yellow.
Along with the bandana colour options you are able to add different crystal tanks..  or you can keep to a clearomizer which is what the vape comes with. 

For my nails I used LimeCrime Parfait Day along with paints for the actual nail art. I love the outcome, even the hubby was like 'that's actually really nice, I didn't think you would do the bandana design that good' - thanks for that babe hahha! 

I thought I'd include this thumb shot, just because I liked the simple but cute design really ;)

For those interested this can be found on The Crystal Cult for $45.00 (around £27 via google). They offer worldwide delivery and seriously have some stunning vapes. I can't wait to share the rest! 

Find The Crystal Cult - 
Instagram: @thecrystalcult
Facebook: The Crystal Cult

Lou xx

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Polishers Inc. | Re-create A Pattern

Hi loves, 

I hope you're all well today. Nothing beats a good Sunday lol. Although now hubs shifts at work have changed it's hard getting used to the new rota, I have spent most of the day wondering how damn late the postman could actually get, I know! Duh! Ha.

Today I am finally getting around to joining in with the ladies of the fabulous Polishers Inc. group I have been apart of since the start!! Yikes, TipsandTopcoat getting back on track? wahey! LOL.

Today the challenge is 'Re-create a pattern' pretty simple to start me off with ;) I decided on a jumper that I am head over heels in love with but can't own :( maybe one day!! For now the matching nails will be okay, I guess lol.

For this I used the stunning Creamsicle by Eighty4, I think this is one of my faves ever. Formula is okay, a little on the patchy side but I found a thin third coat evened it all out perfectly. 
For the rest I just used paints as ever. I decided on simple accent nails instead of all over and tbh I am so happy with the choice, I love it! 

I'm guessing you want a sneak at the jumper? I have a pic saved just so I can drool.... Daily. *sighs* 

Isn't it just amazing?! Ugh. I have always been a fan of the oversized type sweaters and this is the prettiest - ever! 

You can check out the other bloggers in this by checking out the FB page. (I hope to have links resumed in the next week, fingers crossed!)

Enjoy all,
Lou xx

Friday, 15 August 2014

Neon and Nude | Inspired

Hi loves,
Hope you're all enjoying the start of the weekend! Mines a lazy one, well I have to get my little man his uniform - it's crazy to think he is going to be starting 'big school' fresh from nursery. I know I'm going to cry like crazy lol. Time just goes so quick.

On with today's mani, I was really in the mood for some nude and neon nails but wasn't sure what or where to go with them as far as design. I eventually came across a design by 'Paper Thin Nails' that I loved! Her version was with neon yellow though! I decided to pick at her original design and came with mine more subtle, although hers were amazing! 

For this design I used Jacava Vanilla Slice along with Models Own Bubblegum - plus black paint.

I really enjoyed wearing these, I definately want to do some more neon/nude nails ASAP. The added pop of colour just makes this mani crazy gorgeous IMO ;)
I think I will recreate my middle nail as a whole mani next though.

I hope you all like this mani, what would be your neon colour to pair with nude? 
Lou xx

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rest In Paradise Robin Williams

Hi loves, 
I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I had planned to post yesterday but wanted to do some nails in memory of Robin & make those the first post this week.

I tried my best but haven't done such detailed art in 4-5months now, maybe longer! Well minus the nail art bottle last week. I hope you all enjoy these nails anyway.

I can't even put into words what I imagine so many of us are feeling, Robin was just amazing. He made so many childhoods happy with his comical films, amazing character & his general giggles. He starred in so many fabulous movies everyone is bound to remember, Flubber and Jumanji were favourites of mine. I remember wishing I could have my own Flubber somehow and being completely fascinated, I know I'm not alone in that dream ;). And Jumanji just had me mesemerized everytime I watched it. I enjoy watching them now and know my kids will too, giggles for always. He made that happen for everyone who watched and it's just so heartbreaking that a man who bought so much happiness was sad himself, my heart aches. I now hope that maybe he is happy and he will rest easy. 

He will remain in so many hearts & memories will forever live on, through laughter and his films. 
My heart goes out to his family, I can't imagine or put enough into words but they are in my thoughts.

I am not a huge talker, so I hope my nail art shows tribute the way words fail. Nothing I could write would be near enough to how sad and just heartbreakingly devasted it's made us all. 

I hope that now Robin you can Rest in Paradise & I thank you for the laughs. 

Lou x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Shimmer Polish Mary | Swatch & Review

Hi loves,
Hope you're all enjoying the start of the weekend, hubs is working but I'll have a nice girly day with the sister in law tomorrow, gossip and giggles. ;)

Today I went with a simple but super beautiful Shimmer Polish NOTD, I have been super busy sorting out stuff at home for any nail art, but soon! I need to hunt some inspiration too, my mind is just blank lol. 

Mary | A super squishy red jelly packed full of red, blue, holo & black glitters. I just adore this, I actually thought this was clear based until I applied it. The surprise was fabulous though & I love the final look! 
Application was great, I did have a slight uneven look with just one coat but two evened that out - btw this is over Barry M Rose Hip ;)

I get such a barbie vibe from this mani, so gorgeous! 

Check Shimmer Polish - 
Facebook: Shimmer Polish


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Giraffe Nails? Why not!

Hi loves,
Sorry for the late post tonight, I've become quite the bookworm lately so get distracted real easy lol! I am loving it though, spending the evening head in a book with a nice cuppa tea, bliss. I used to read so much when I was younger, I'm hooked again & can't believe how much I've missed it. ;)

Anyway on to today's mani, I've no idea why I went for this nail art? I saw a picture on Pinterest & thought it would make for a cool - and totally kiddy - nail art design. Simple & cute!

I liked that most of the picture was print and the little silhouette giraffe head sat in the left side. My print seems to have shown up a tad more yellow on camera though, ugh. 

I used Barry M Matt White for the base & used paints for the design. 

Isn't it cute? I totally want to recreate this on mini me soon! I just enjoy the simple no effort 'thrown together' giraffe print, cuteness! 

Enjoy all,
Lou xx

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Stop! Collaborate and Listen Trio by Pretty Serious

Hi loves,
Hope you're all well? I've been feeling pretty under the weather the past few days :( so glad I done these swatches the other day. 

Today I bring you the Stop! Collaborate and Listen Trio from Pretty Serious, designed by 3 bloggers! Exciting!!! *it will be me one day! Haha ;)*
The 3 lovely ladies are - Lab Muffin, The Polish Haven & Swatch and Learn. 

Stuck In The Middle | A gorgeous bright fuchsia jelly with amazing iridescent glass flecks. I really love this one, so beautiful! This one is designed by  The Polish Haven. 
Shown 2 thin coats.


Undercover Mermaid | a stunning lilac taupe jelly full of iridescent green flakies and glass fleck shimmer. I wasn't very wowed by this in the bottle but fell in love when it got on my nails. So beautiful! 
This one designed by Lab Muffin.
Shown 3 coats.

Swatch And Learn | A lovely green jelly with iridescent shifting glass flecks and copper & gold flakes. This one I was least wowed with, more 'ooh' lol... This shade of green just isn't for me, saying that the shifts are beautiful! I had fun with macro mode lol. 
This one designed by Swatch and Learn.
Shown 2 coats.

Find the bloggers - 
The Polish Haven: Instagram @ThePolishHaven

Lou x