Monday, 28 July 2014

Simply Effortless Nail Art

Hi loves,
Sorry for the sudden disappearance, Friday was my birthday and I decided to take some time off instead of worrying about doing nails & blog posts. :) everything should be all back to normal from now and I am hoping to be posting atleast 4x a week, eventually back to daily! ;)

Today I have a simple bit of art I did last week, I got inspired by a card that came from the 'youbeauty' box, which had an awesome sketch watercolour type picture on of a girl. I thought it would be cool to do & I kind of like the simple outcome.

I strangely like the above shot so thought I would add it in :).

I used OPI My Vampire Is Buff along with acrylic paints for the art. I didn't really have a 'plan' for this look, infact it ended up being one of those doodle art moments tbh lol. I like the 'no effort' style of things lately and just being relaxed. Overall I enjoyed wearing this mani :)

I'd have probably done her smaller if I started over just to fit in an show more of her hair which was my favourite part. Unfortunately I had no time :( lol! 
I hope you enjoy this simple nail art, I'm hoping to slowly get back into art which I'm super excited about! :D

Lou xx


  1. this is fantastic!!! wow wow wow!!!

  2. I love how your idea of 'simple' and 'effortless' is absolutely amazing lol I still struggle hugely with faces, I seem to be ok until they need a nose then it all goes pear shaped :/
    Fantastic use of colours on this mani too, I love it! ♥

  3. wonderful to have the skills and talent to be able to do this amazing art and be able to think of it as simple and effortless. :) Next time you're in a doodling mood, would it be possible for you to make and upload a video of you creating art? Not a tutorial wouldn't even need to talk or put captions on it. No need to edit it either. I would happily sit in front of my monitor for an hour or so, just watching your hands making simply effortless art. I hope you'll consider this. Thank you for this post!


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