Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Nails & Vape Match | The Crystal Cult

Hi loves,
I finally managed to get a tad more detailed nail art done today, well for me it is kinda lol!

I wanted to celebrate because I'm one whole month smoke free!!!! I am so proud of myself and still can't quite believe it.
I owe it all to The Crystal Cult and decided what better way than some matchy match!
My little journey came as things have been crazy the last few months, smoking is just ridiculous and pricey! I have been wanting to quit for ages now but I just couldn't, I started looking into vaping and behold I stumbled across the amazing Crystal Cult, they have the most gorgeous vapes ever!! I figured if I was going to quit I had to really want it right? The Crystal Cult made me reallllly want it lol! I just fell in love and chose the Leather Lux vape, I was nervous and really questioned if I could do it but as soon as the vape arrived I sat watching it charge and was so excited to start, I think I smoked 2 more in the wait and then jumped to vaping, from that day I never touched another fag, I have people smoke around me and it doesn't bother me in the slightest! Hooray! :D I wish I quit sooner!

The Leather Lux is the perfect starter vape, I was unsure how to use a vape all together so popped The Crystal Cult a message, what was fabulous is the support they offered... in being a newbie I had a few questions, all of which was answered fast and in detail. Amazing! 

I went with matte black nails and a crystal pinkie, all of The Crystal Cult vapes are done with real Swarovski crystals, I chose AB but on a lot of the vapes you can choose different options :) 

I went a tad overboard with pictures, I couldn't help it sorry lol! 
I decided to add the logo on my thumb using paints :) I love the logo expecially that diamond! I couldn't get all of it on as I underestimated size (it's been a while! lol), luckily it isn't something obvious and you can catch a tad of each anyway ;)

*fun picture I got whilst playing with the lighting*

If anyone is thinking of quitting I would highly recommend The Crystal Cult, I'm already dreaming hugely of that Triple Glam vape :O *sigh* :(

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Lou xx


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