Thursday, 31 July 2014

Models Own Sweet Shop Collection

Hi loves,
I hope you're all well today? I've had a good day minus being attacked by a butterfly, I mean they are lovely until it flaps away in your face and you're looking a fool diving around the pavement hahaha! 

Today I have some lovely swatches from the new Sweet Shop Collection by Models Own. I was super excited to receive these & got even more excited when I got a matching bag of sweets too!  Thanks MO ;) 

I recieved 3 of 5 from this collection, the ones not shown here are Rhubarb and Custard && Liquorice Allsorts. 
These are all scented too btw which I was shocked to know but I wonder if MO want me to eat my nails or something haha, Shhhheeesh ;):p

Pear Drops | A stunning bright coral with stunning shimmer. I'm not sure on the scent with this one, it's probably the one of the three which really doesn't smell or remind me of the smell of the sweet. Lol.
Shown 2 coats. 


Gumballs | The beautiful pink, which is perfection! Oh my and the smell is wow!! I was pretty worried if this would smell good or like that cheap bubblegum I hate but nope, this smells so damn good! ;) 
Shown 3 thin coats to cover 1-2 small bald spots but 2 thicker could be good! 


Fizzy Cola Bottles | a gorgeous lightish brown with golden shimmer and tiny silver glitter. This one totally had me wanting cola bottles, who remembers the big ones you could get.. I'm sure they are still around but I don't see them personally.
Shown 2 coats.

Who's wanting sweets after this post? *waves hand!* ;) 

The Sweet Shop Collection is available now for purchase, priced at £5 each. 
Twitter: @modelsown
Instagram: @modelsownofficial 

Lou xx


  1. Fizzy Cola Bottles is my favorite! <3

  2. This is such a cute collection idea and well executed! If I saw that here I would buy it for sure.


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