Monday, 2 June 2014

Shimmer Polish x4 | Swatches and Review

Hi loves,
Today I am sharing 4 more Shimmer Polishes with you, all of them just gorgeous!! I went pic crazy so there is 6 of each ;)
I decided again to avoid the black base and oh gosh I have so much fun this way, let me know if you prefer black base or coloured? I am always interested in your views on how I do things.
Anyway lets jump straight in with the first one

Karen | A pink and purple glitter bomb with added pops of colour and holo glitters, in both hex and square.
Shown 1 coat over OPI Mod About You.


Kelly | A stunning green and gold glitter topper, this one is stunning!!
Shown 1 coat over Face of Australia After Dinner Mint.


Julie | A gorgeous multi coloured glitter topper in both tiny and small hexes and squares. I love this one!
Shown 1 coat over Jacava Vanilla Slice.


Irene | The diva of the bunch, a super amazing a sparkly champagne gold with a dust of coloured sparkle. This is so beautiful!
Shown is just 3 coats alone.

There we have those stunning four, how gorgeous are they, seriously it's love!
Formula on all of them was perfection no issues at all! I love that Irene can be worn alone or as a topper. Yum!
Find Shimmer Polish -
Lou xxx

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