Friday, 27 June 2014

Pink, Mini Leopard Print & Crystals | Girly Nail Art

Hi loves,
I managed to do a little art today instead of swatching, it's been a heck of a while right! :O 

I went with my love, mini leopard print. I haven't got the time atm to do more detailed art, but hey... Who doesn't love some mini print! 
I decided to pair this with some AB crystals, I never really add gems etc to my nails but I am atm in a huge AB crystal faze LOL! 

I used Face Of Australia Have Your Cupcake & Eat It Too along with Jacava Vanilla Slice for the mini print aswell as black paint. 
On my pinkie I did 2 thin coats of Spectraflair (holo) topcoat just as a little base for the gems.

I also have changed my shape slightly, I'm just bored of the same old so yep lol. They look better IRL which is so annoying, I'm currently growing them out so I can have some little claws ;) 

I hope you all like this mani,
Lou xx


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