Wednesday, 21 May 2014

INM Tartaglia | Swatches and Review

Hi loves,
I am just popping in with a quick mani for you all today, before I go into details about it I wanted to say a huge sorrrry for the no show of Mini Me Monday yesterday, I had planned to pick it back up but my mini me cut her finger only a few days ago and I didn't want to chance putting anything near it. Bless her, she is not bothered by it and it is only a tiny one but I would rather wait till its better... With all the luck MMM should resume this coming Monday! :)
On to this little mani I have for you all, I didn't really have any directions on what to do but I wanted something. Nail art is super slow for me at the moment - personal life is tough atm so blogging has slowed.. I do apologise!
As you may notice.. I am now back to round nails *sheeesh* after going back to square for 1 maybe 2 weeks tops I had a break on my thumb, which lead to another break on my middle finger the next day *wtf?!* clearly I am not cut out for square nails atm, stress probably isn't helping!

Tartaglia | A stunning bright tealy grass green, this shade is so unique! I love it. This is also a one coater - yep just oneeee! Formula is just perfection, only down fall is this stains :( not as bad as some polishes. After a little scrub with the ol' whitening toothpaste I managed to shift 95% of it off though *phew!*.

The funky? design on my ring and pinkie is just a random 'go with it' moment, I actually like the added something without it being so noticeable?
I used Out The Door Topcoat on my index and middle and Out The Door Matte Topcoat on my ring and pinkie.

You can find INM Nails -
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Lou xx


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