Friday, 30 May 2014

Colors by Llarowe Summer 2014 | Mermaid Style!

Hi loves,
Wow, first off anyone else having trouble with blogger? I've sat and waited over half an hour for the pics to upload ugh!
Anyway, today I am sharing 5 more gorgeous polishes from the Summer 2014 Collection by Colors by Llarowe, mermaid style... or fish... well scales ok, just scales haha. It looks fabulous though and I don't want to remove this mani :(
I decided to grab some shots before I started the galaxy but first enjoy this collage....


Bottle - Olivia
Index finger - Sweet Revenge
Middle - Holiday Road
Ring -!
Pinkie - Chillin' in Paradise.

Sweet Revenge | A gorgeous rich deep teal holo, which may I just say - one coat... one damn coat!

Holiday Road | A gorgeous lime green jelly with gorgeous red to gold shimmer. shown here is 2 coats but some may need 3.! | Aqua green holo, oh my goodness! Shown just 1 coat ;)

Chillin' in Paradise | Light tiffany blue/aqua with some seriously intense holo!! I used 2 coats but this could be a one coater.

Olivia | This one is truly amazing! Light golden olive holo needing just 2 coats.

I took a lot of shots of this mani, I couldn't help it ;) I went with galaxy nails using all of the above colours and added in the stars and scales using paints. I just love love love the outcome, I sat on the fence whether to cover all nails in the scales but I rather like the pieces with the accented full nail.

If that wasn't bad enough I then went and had fun with the macro hehe, but enjoy - these polishes make an amazing galaxy IMO.

I hope you all like what I did with these :)

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Lou xx


  1. I'm drooling. They are all so gorgeous!!! I love your mani and the plethora of micro shots. :)

  2. I love this mermaid-galaxy combination - so perfect!!

  3. Stunning!!!! I would love to try this!!! You did a beautiful job!!!

  4. So beautiful!!! How did you do the scales so perfectly?

  5. What tool did you use to make the scales? Those are so pretty! I wish I had talent like you.


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