Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Colors by Llarowe Purple Rain and Polishing Under The Influence (PUI)

Hi loves,
Little late post and a quick one too! I wanted to do them and these two polishes were calling to be paired together, and so right was that! I love the combo of these I must say!
I went for a 'standard' mix and match, with PUI on my index, Purple Rain on the middle nail and a jelly of the pair on my ring (one coat PR, one coat PUI topped with one coat of PR) and let me just say WOW, these two are made for each other and would make one heck of a baby make (Leah Ann the amazing creator of CBL should totally do this :O) I dream.
I went with PUI on my pinkie with tiny raindrops using Purple Rain, you get it right? lol.

Polishing Under The Influence (PUI) | A stunning assortment of coloured flakies, this makes for a stunning polish which can be worn alone or as a topper. I wore 3 coats for the swatch.
Purple Rain | An amazingly beautiful deep grape jelly full of shimmer that like The Mighty Red Baron freaked on camera - this also looks like amazing velvet. Stunning. I did 3 coats, this polish has quite a thick formula FYI.

I had to include this macro shot of the jelly sandwich I did with them both.... how fricking gorgeous? I am in love. Even more amazing IRL I may add!

You can find Colors by Llarowe
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- Colors by Llarowe FB
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Are you a fan? Which is your favourite or are you in love with the sandwich too? ;)
Lou xx


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