Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Mr Bean Cartoon Nail Art

Hi loves,
Hope you are all ok?
Sorry there was no Mini Me Monday post this week, little lady has been a little ill although much better she has been in total 100% drama queen mode lol!
Also sorry for the late(ish) post, I have found a new love in calligraphy and been practising like crazy every evening - well the past 3-4 evenings that is. Still new at it but I adore it a lot! So much fun and super relaxing :)
I finally had a chance to sit down yesterday to do a little nail art, I decided on Mr Bean the cartoon as it is now showing on the kids tv channel so I thought heck why not ;)

For this design I used Barry M Mushroom and Sinful Colors Innocent, if you hadn't guessed or is anything like my hubby who is adamant Mr Beans car is yellow - you would know why the Sinful Colors was used, I also went with BM Mushroom for the wallpaper of Mr Beans walls :)

I used paint for the art and topped it all with Glisten & Glow H K Girl Topcoat.

I hope you all like this quick and simple nail art :)
I am hoping to fit more nail art in each week whether in with swatching or alone.

Lou xx


  1. Hahahaha :D cool!
    The teddy bear is adorable :)

  2. Did you draw these? Just love them

  3. This is great! I hope Ocean is back to 100% health now - I'm guessing she must be close if she's in full on drama queen mode ;)

  4. There's nothing quick and simple about this one - it's just awesome, don't take credit away from your talent, woman! Even my sister said so and she's not into nail art ;)
    And, yes, I got the 'yellow' shade purpose in there hehehe
    Anyway, hope the lil' one is doing better and wish that drama queen mode to last little :)


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