Saturday, 26 April 2014

Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit | Nail Art and Review

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Hi loves,
Today I have a new nail art set by Models Own to share with you. A must have for nail art fanatics is what they quote.
As you all know, nail art is my number one with nails. As much as I haven't done it over the past few months but I still love it just the same.
I was super excited to see this appear in the mail, I couldn't wait to get started.
I decided to do nail art using all of the tools in this collection, something fun bright but easy to follow.

The kit contains -
2x Duo Dotting Tools
Short Detailing Brush
Fan Brush
Flat/Wide Brush
Striping Brush
Nail Art Tape.

I decided to do a saran wrap mani using Models Own HyperGel Naked Glow as the base, with Sun Hat and Beach Bag for the look.
I love the outcome and how well they all look together, I like the simplicity also.
I used all white acrylic paint for the nail art, I also used Models Own HyperGel White Light on the middle finger.

Flat/Wide Brush | I used this for clean up, it makes the perfect clean up brush if anyone is looking for one ;). I see this being used for one-stroke nail art but IMO it isn't really wide enough, some may work it but not me. A great brush either way :)

Short detailing brush | I am half and half on this brush, it is good but it is super soft so getting tiny thin lines isn't really possible. I wouldn't use this in such detailed nail art that I usually do but for lines shown about - Tribal, Aztec work this may work great for you!
Fan Brush | I am again not sure on this, the metal body part of the brush where the hair is bends... I had no idea what happened with this but I can easily bend it back and forth. It is fine and works fine but I found this rather odd.
I first tried this brush using polish and it worked awful, but as you can see above, it works fabulous with paints.
Striping Brush | This is similar to the detailing brush, I couldn't really get super thin lines but control of this brush is fabulous. I would use this again for sure.
2x Duo Dotting Tools | These are great, I usually do my own dots purely because I cant not get along with dotting tools but I do like these. The fact there are 4 sizes make a great addition to the kit.
Nail Art Tape | This is a great plus for this kit, I find I see a lot of people asking what this tape is or where they can find it, I like that it comes in with the kit. It works really well! I had no trouble with it and my line came out perfect.

Overall Thoughts?
I like this set although I am half and half on some of the brushes, the others will work great for me. I think it is perfect for those starting out in nail art and the price is great too at just £8.
These brushes are meant to be cleaned with nail polish remover after every use, this is a must! Most of my brushes go a bit funny when I do this but these brushes stayed so soft and like new. :)

This set is now available on Models Own Website and in Boots stores, they will be available at Models Own Bottleshops Worldwide on the 3rd of May.
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Lou xx


  1. Such a great review hun as I recently won these on their twitter giveaway. ig @lala_lacquer xxxxxx


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