Monday, 14 April 2014

Mini Me Monday

Hi loves,
We are back with after we missed doing this last week, today mini me gave her first manicure and she even had help from her big brother.
It was so cute!!!
My brothers girlfriend was the volunteer after little lady wanted to do her nails, boo decided he wanted to join in, some people may be against the whole 'boys doing girly stuff' but I am not. He is learning and it was fun for him to join in. :)
Overhead picture of them cleaning off some polish that was left on her nails.

Some close up shots, making sure her nails were all clean before painting.

Little lady wanted to use her Minnie Mouse polish of course and boo picked a sheer pink glitter.

And here are the final nails hehe, I think the kids were super proud of these even though they didn't really concentrate very much. Bless them :P

I hope you like this post, I cant get over so much adorableness :O!
*They were in pjs as it was near bed time ;)

Lou - Ocean and special guest big bro Chayce. x


  1. So adorable!! I can't see anything wrong with Boys doing 'girly' things or The other way around. They are learning and evolving and when trying out things they'll get a clear idea about what they like and what they don't like. Which imo is a very, very good thing.
    They look very pro cleaning off the nails! Haha, bless them (including your brother's gf! :))

  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with boys doing 'girly' things or girls doing 'boys' things, it's all about play and learning. You never know, he could grow up to be a top designer one day ;o)
    BTW, they both look absolutely adorable!


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