Tuesday, 22 April 2014

INM Beatrice | Swatches, Review and Nail Art

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Hi loves,
I hope everyone had a great Easter & Bank Holiday weekend, I decided not to post as I was busy spending some time with the family :)
Just before the weekend I actually received a surprise blogger package from INM Nails, they must have known I needed cheering up ;) Thank you INM!
In the package was this beauty, I absolutely love it and it was a perfect match to a fabric I had been wanting to do on my nails, I had found the fabric on Pinterest FYI :)

Beatrice | A stunning shade of turquoise blue, this reminds me of the Caribbean sea, all the darker blue shades you capture there, just beautiful! This colour completely did freak out on my camera so it's one you would have to see IRL. I have no idea why it didn't play ball but it is a definite beaut!
Great formula needing only 2 coats, I must add that this is one of those polishes I look at and think - 'ooo you're going to stain' but I am sure glad to say all is ok!

I thought it looked perfect matched with the 'imperfect' pattern, I also did the same on the little studs which were plain silver before the art.

I hope you all like this simple pattern idea :)

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Lou x


  1. I've never done a manicure with studs. I've also never thought of painting them! Now that I see your awesome mani, I am rethinking studs. :)

  2. It is fantastic that you painted the studs too, this way you've created an unique and original mani!

  3. Love these! Great idea painting the studs too - this mani is stunning.


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