Tuesday, 29 April 2014

F.U.N Lacquer Pay Day! | Review and Nail Art

Hi loves,
Today I have one of the most beautiful polishes ever to share with you, sadly this is my final polish purchase for at least a year... be sad with me, which means I can't even get a back up of this :( heartbroken to say the least *sigh*.
It really is just stunning, I had to have this polish when I first saw pictures of it and I was even more in love with it when it arrived, I immediately knew I needed more.
This for sure makes it in my top 3 favourites!

Pay Day! | Part of The Luxury Set. A real sterling silver fine cut flakies polish, which can be worn alone or as a topper. Giving a metallic/mirror finish result. The sparkle in this polish is insane!! Application is amazing and the finish is totally smooth.
I applied 4 thin coats on my middle finger so you can see the polish alone, my ring finger shows one coat.
I also used Lime Crime Parfait Day and topped it all off with one coat of Glisten & Glow H K Girl Topcoat.

Just what! I can not even express the beauty of this, I can keep everything crossed this is available in a year but I won't hold hopes :( I have this polish on my right hand already and am refusing to take this mani off for a day or two either. I am mesmerized!!

Check out that little macro :O!!
I just can't get over this, I am so pleased I made this my final polish purchase - it makes me super happy and it will hold a special place to me for that and of course its beauty.

You can find F.U.N Lacquer -
- Website
- Instagram

Are you amazed? ;)
Lou xx


  1. omg I am dying of sparkles! I love love love how this looks!

  2. Wow! And yes, that macro shot is mezmerizing for sure!!
    Do you know how this compares to that one called Amazeballs? I can't remember the name of the brand right now 😕
    Oh, and why? Why can't you buy polish for a year? 😮 Some kind of self torture?

  3. Gorgeous combination, it looks luxurious and very glamorous!

  4. I agree...this is SO pretty. I've only seen it on one other blog (workplaypolish.com) and went immediately to their website to purchase it only to find they were already sold out of their full-size bottles. However, I checked again after seeing your post and they've restocked! Yay!! This is surely worth being the last polish buy for a year, and I love the different ways you've used it. I admit I'm with Foxy Paws though..curious to know why you're not buying polish for a year? Will you still be blogging? Please say yes!


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