Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Watercolour Painting - Second Attempt | Horse Nail Art

Hi loves,
Hope you're all well? I feel pretty crappy today, like ill but not? Does that even make the slightest sense lol!
Anyway I wasn't going to let that stop me doing my nails, I have actually had a break from doing my nails - two days was enough for me, I had to do something!
Barry M are throwing a competition for Be Cruelty Free, the aim is to paint animal friendly nail art - you know I couldn't pass this up! I had already tagged some of my previous animal nail art for this but decided I would do a fresh piece also!
This horse watercolour painting had been in my phone for some weeks now so the timing was perfect to try it.
I have only played with watercolour paints once before I believe so this is still new to me, I am pretty happy with the outcome but I am also one of those picky perfectionists so I am itching to take it off now lol!

I used Barry M Lychee as my base and of course used all watercolour paints for the nail art, on the other fingers I decided to do a rough watercolour background to match but not pull the attention away from the horse.
I used INM Matte Topcoat.
I tried to get a decent close up shot to include my thumb, where I wrote Be Cruelty Free :)

I hope you all like my second attempt, I don't think it is that bad but I much prefer being able to perfect my art more with acrylic paints. Maybe I will work on watercolour paints sometimes, what do you think?

For the Barry M Competition please check their Instagram for all details :)

Lou xx


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