Saturday, 22 March 2014

Tiny Leopard Print & Stitch Outline Nail Art

Hi loves,
I hope you are all ok :)
Today I have some super cute nail art, I really really love this and literally don't want to remove it, I have a tonne of swatches to get done in a while so I shall have to admire pics, sigh.
I was first inspired by Jadealeesenails after coming across her pic on Instagram, I did decide to switch up the leopard print to tiny print - not so mini as my usual style is.. I wanted to 'try' slightly bigger and although I like it I love my mini print too much lol!
She also used striping tape to separate the black section from the print, I wanted to leave it out but found the black just didn't look right alone, hence the kind of stitch outline?
I rather love it though and its just soo cute!

I did take a lot of pics and managed to squeeze it down to just 4 lol.

In this mani I used -
Jacava London Vanilla Slice and Jet Black, along with this I used pink and black paint - all topped with one coat of Glisten & Glow H K Girl Topcoat.

I will be back up to doing nail art more hopefully soon, I have had a lot of blogger mail arrive this month and I am slowly seeing the end of the pile, I wanted to squeeze this mani in because I miss nail art and I couldn't resist something that wouldn't take me long to do, hence my choice of leopard print ;)
I hope you all like this mani :)
Lou xx


  1. These are gorgeous! The tiny leopard print is amazing! I would have to recreate these someday! :)

  2. Gorgeous, you have such a talent for these micro leopard prints!

  3. Such cute details! Love This design... And I bet it took quite som time painting all those tiny spots ;)

  4. I just love your tiny leopard prints! I still have plans to recreating one of these designs :)

  5. Love this so much, what do you use to paint the leopard print? <3 xx


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