Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Textured Nails & Ring | HWStar Shop

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Hi loves,
I kind of did something shocking yesterday :O, if you follow me on Twitter you would know what!
I shaped my nails round, yes it happened... after how long now being square and on the very daring side 'squoval' I went for it :O! It actually came about after I snapped a nail on my non swatching hand -.- I am not one that is 'overly' fussy over differences on each hand well, until now. It bugged me lol! I rounded my non swatching hand and thought 'ohhh how cute and girly does this look!'
I sat on it for a while thinking whether I was brave enough to change the shape on my swatchy - knowing everyone is used to the square nails, I was stuck tbh... but then I thought 'heck they look better!' At first I was like 'ew I hate them on this hand!' but having round nails for a day now they have grown on me ALOT and I hope on you all too!. :)
On to today, I have my last stunning ring from HWStar Shop to share with you all, I had to leave me absolute favourite until last right? Although it has tortured me keeping it pretty in the box, I can now wear it freely :D:D!

I tried to match but to be honest nothing can even come close to the beauty in this ring, I went with the best I could and I rather like it.
I used Sally Hansen Sugar Fix topped with A England She Walks In Beauty - for the A England I wiped most of the polish off my brush so it was just a light feathering :)
I decided at last minute to add some gems etc - and how cute would this mani be for a bride-to-be?! :)

I absolutely adore the ring a lot! It is truly so magical, just check it out! I love the textured(druzy) feel of it too. Amazing!
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Lou xx


  1. Such a beautiful ring and very unique mani to boot! Love it. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. beautiful ring! I really love this mani!!

  3. I like this shape too and the design is breathtaking beautiful!

  4. After over 20 years of having square nails I 'ovalised' mine just last week and you're right, at first you're like "what have I done?!" but then you get used to them and start playing with different nail art on the new shape. I LOVE the new shape on you and the design matches the ring perfectly, both of them are just stunning!

  5. I love this shape and you did match with druzy very well...Thanks Lou'


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