Friday, 14 March 2014

Models Own Sticky Fingers Review

*PR Sample.
Hi loves,
A few days ago I received two polishes (there was three but I ended up with two of the same by mistake) from the new Sticky Fingers Collection, there is seven different polishes from the Models Own range with a sheet of nail stickers.
I must admit I wasn't that excited by these because I just prefer to hand paint my art but they are so cute! They price at £6 and come in little boxes and the packaging is just gorgeous!
I received the 'Pow Nails' and 'Pastel Petals' - both containing one 14ml polish with a good amount of stickers, I would personally say 3-4 manis, of course all depending if you were to use multiple per mani.

 I will share my final thought on these at the end of the post.
Pastel Petals | These can come with either Green Gladiola which I am sharing today, or Lilac Dream. I decided to do one full accent showing various floral stickers and one on each of the other nails. I really love how cute and delicate the flowers are in this set!


Pow Nails | These can either come with Red Alert which I am showing you today, or Black Magic. I decided to go a little less on these as they are a tad larger than the floral ones.

*I used 2 coats of each polish.

I am a bit 50/50 with these, I think they are such a cool idea and definitely a hit for those who don't like to free hand like myself.  Also what holds me back is that It states you have to wait for the polish to completely dry before sticking the nail stickers - this I recommend! I waited until they were at the touch dry stage but still you could ruin your nails, this was around 10mins, I am so impatient to be waiting.
I managed to stick them pretty well, because I applied them whilst my nails were not rock hard, when trying to lift them the polish came with it which is why I would say go with the instructions 100%.

I found they stuck pretty well and I was able to fully push them flat, what I did notice is the corners lifting within a few seconds... this bugged me and I tried to push them flat over and over again. I went with it and applied my topcoat ( Glisten & Glow H K Girl ) and it didn't do nothing, you can feel the nigs of the stickers over that - I'm guessing another 1-2 coats of topcoat will make this disappear but that's too much for me.

The Pow Nails stickers I found some a little large, I managed to get one on my thumb but if you have shorter nails they wouldn't fit, this is just a few may I add. Most of them are pretty small but I would say around 5 probably wouldn't IMO.

Overall I do like the idea of them and think they will benefit but I am not a huge fan in all. The price is a definite win and I would recommend them if you are patient and would like fancy art ;)

Models Own are doing 6 for £20 Mix and Match until April 8th BTW :) -
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Lou xx


  1. Wow, I love the idea of the Pow Nails!! So cute. I wonder if they would fit on my nails if I were able to manage to get them. Good to know about them feeling not 100% flat/smooth. That would probably annoy me and I would probably end off picking at the stickers :( But they look so cute!!


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