Monday, 3 March 2014

Models Own Speckled Eggs Collection | Swatches & Review

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Hi all,
For tonight's second post I am sharing 3 of the 5 new Speckled Eggs polishes by Models Own, they recently let us all in on sneaks of this collection and then I had 3 turn up along with a cheeky tube of Mini Eggs :O which I had to share - thanks kids! haha. I think a lot of people first thought of mini eggs when the pictures were shown, I know I did.
I was really impressed with this collection, I love the soft pastel shades with the load of various sized matte black hexed glitter in each polish. Instantly I knew I wanted them.
Today I am sharing with you Magpie, Dove & Swan, in this collection there is also Goose and Duck that I will hopefully add to this post once they are released in stores etc.

Magpie | My favourite of the three, surprising because I am a pink lover at heart. This is just gorgeous, the perfect bright mint shade.
Application on this was ok, the first coat was smooth but the second did get thick. Nothing I couldn't work with and it evened out nice. I only needed 2 coats as shown.


Dove | I was dreading this one, pastel pinks usually go so badly on application for me but surprisingly it applied pretty well. Formula and application was the same as Magpie, needing only 2 coats for full coverage.


Swan | A pastel lilac shade, I really liked this one also. I am not a huge lover of this shade but with the added matte black glitters it really adds a gorgeous touch. Application on this one was less thick like the other two but still a little. I again used 2 coats for full coverage but this one could have used 3.


Drying time is pretty good for these, I was able to touch my nail lightly after 3 or so minutes. I always apply Glisten & Glow H K Girl Topcoat pretty much straight away for fast drying time.

In my opinion this collection is fabulous, Models Own has definitely made a winner for me and I think it will be a win for everyone. :)

These will be £5 each and will be launched exclusively at Models Own Bottleshops worldwide on the 8th March, they will be released on Models Own Website and Superdrug store on the 12th March and Boots from March 19th. Links below

- Models Own Website
- Superdrug
- Boots

Are you looking forward to this collection, or any particular polish from the 5?

Lou xx


  1. Wow, oh wow, that Magpie--I must have it! Beautiful swatches as always, Lou. Can't wait to see Goose and Duck! ^_^

  2. The mint one is my favorite too! What a beauty! Maybe because the contrast between base and Speckled Eggs is higher than in the others colors? Do not know, but i really love it! I used to stop buy Models Own because of their compo, but these are fabulous!

  3. I want all of them, the mint one especially. The formula is great and the colors too. Hopefully I'll find them at Sephora soon!


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