Monday, 31 March 2014

Mini Me Monday

Hi loves,
First off I wanted to apologise for the no posts over the weekend, I have been a little stressed and needed to just take a break. I am back and although not fully over stuff I have a lot to get done and shared :)
Sooo.. This week I thought I would try something different with little lady, seeing as each week she wants her nails done but doesn't want to share them lol. I thought it would be soooo cute to share Ocean with her own personal polish stash - yes she indeed has her own already lol!
She was so excited and was fully ready for mummy to snap pictures of her and her collection, I seriously can't get over how cute these are. Total proud mummy moment over here lol!

First off I knew I wanted some polish and head shots of missy, how adorable! She kept trying to smile whilst saying cheese without moving her mouth very much lol!

The above photo is possibly my favourite of the bunch, she looks like a dolly! I had no idea I captured this shot but I love it!!

Please excuse her head, she and her brother were being typical and she managed to bash her head :( she is totally fine though and it doesn't bother her lol.
Here she was putting her polish into the little box I had them in, although she now needs somewhere bigger as they don't all fit.

Of course she found her Minnie polishes straight up, she is a total Minnie fan if you hadn't already guessed lol!!

Here she is just checking out what polishes she has, that one being pink of course caught her eye lol!

Last up is Ocean counting and putting her polish back in the little box, I just can not get over the cuteness of her. The fact she is literally a mini me melts my heart. To believe she isn't even 3 yet! :D
Her total polish count at the moment is 89!! Yes 89 already :O goodness me lol.
I hope you all like these pictures and aren't too fussed that it isn't her actual nails, possibly next week! Fingers crossed missy wants to play nice and share with you all of course lol.
Lou - Ocean xx


  1. She's adorable !! She's so lucky to have a mummy that buys her pretty polishes <3

  2. She's soooo cute! And so proud of her collection, haha

  3. Aw she is so cute, what a lovely post! I can't believe how many polishes she has! What a lucky girl :) x

  4. This is adorable! I'm sure she has more polishes than some grown women; starting her early, muahhaha I like it!

  5. Omg, She's just too cute!! And you gotta love her for being such a fuss about sharing, haha ;D
    I would be concerned if I were you, though.. 89... Where can that go in only a few short years... Your poor purse ;)

  6. 89 polishes before her 3rd birthday ... I hope you have a spare room for her future polish collection lol She is seriously gorgeous though and such cute pictures too! Love it ♥


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