Monday, 24 March 2014

Mini Me Monday

Hi loves,
Today we have another one of those 'Ocean doesn't want pictures, mummy gets awful ones' kind of days lol!
I got some adorable clean up shots though, she just melts my heart lol!
The other day the UK Indie Stellar of who I am reviewing for had asked if I could get some shots of mini me wearing her polish, I mean how fricking cute is that! I felt so happy and cooey for Ocean lol.
Of course little lady has no idea what this is but she was thrilled to wear Stellar Youth (Daughter) because it had stars in it. The excitement was adorable!
Ruth the owner of Stellar nail polish made my heart melt by asking me, of course she knows Ocean isn't going to have any pro shots yet and is happy with any pic is just so sweet, thank you hunny!
This shot above literally made me tear, I know silly right but I mean look!!! How cute she looks holding the brush for cleaning up around her nails. She got distracted and I snapped the pic without even realising how adorable the result was going to be!

I struggled this week with little lady, she is having the stage where doing her nails is absolutely fine but sharing them with the world is a no go. These are far from perfect sadly but the best shots I got :O.
She also was a fidget, my dads dog was here and she just wanted to watch her walk about the place lol.

On to the more better looking photos - her cleaning up. I think this along with painting is her absolute favourite part of doing nails. She learnt this from when I paint her nails I try to give them a little clean up from her fidget bum antics lol.
She has now taken over and love doing it herself, how cute!

So there is Ocean swatching for real the first ever time, thanks again Ruth!
I will myself have a full review coming up on Wednesday about this polish and more by Stellar!)
Find Stellar Nail Polish -
As always I hope you enjoyed her little post this week, I want to try and get some of her and her mini stash for next week - is this something you would like to see? Let me know :)
Lou - Ocean xx


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