Monday, 17 March 2014

Mini Me Monday

Hi loves,
Guess who got her own nail polish?! Ocean was so excited when daddy bought these home - and of course they are Minnie Mouse which totally tipped her over the edge of excitement lol!
She was screaming, jumping around and trying to open the wrapping they came in.
This was short lived when she was told she could do her nails after dinner, she was by far not happy with this and decided to throw her best screaming drama queen fit, haha bless her.
She didn't have to wait long and I managed to get this cute pic of her, although the polishes blurred out - I can't help but love this pic!

I mean just look at her face! She is so excited, this is her first official 'own' nail polish, all her others were my minis so to have her own plus being Minnie Mouse, you can imagine!!

She sat down all cute and couldn't wait to paint her nails, she got so carried away haha - she still needs to learn the wiping your brush instead of lifting the brush completely out of the bottle and straight onto your nail... dripping thick of polish. LOL.

Look at that concentration - isn't she so cute!

I managed to get a little peek of her nails, she chose the blue for her hands and the other for her tootsies :)
--- and then ---
Today I broke some nails on my non swatch hand so had to shape and repaint them, Ocean grabbed the stall to stand next to where I was sitting all ready for her matching nails with mummy!
I couldn't resist of course and this polish combo is totally fit for a princess!

The most roughest picture ever but the best I could do at last minute lol. I will have actual pics of this up soon :)

I just love our matching sessions & so does Ocean, the most adorable thing ever! :)

I hope you all enjoy this post,
Lou - Ocean xx


  1. This post is so adorable!! I love it. :) I love seeing little girls get so excited about doing things like their mommy - soo cute!! :)

  2. The Look on her face is just gorgeous! Exactly how I feel when I get new polishes too ;o)

  3. What sweet it is. She made her nails better than my sister..and mine has 23.
    Btw, your manicure looks really cute.

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