Monday, 10 March 2014

Mini Me Monday

Hi loves,
This week went so fast, I only managed to sit down with lady yesterday to get her nails done, it went much smoothly... well ok a little bit better. She was so excited to get her hands in my cupboard at all my untried polishes and picked out A-England Briar Rose, sat all happy whilst I painted them, decided on a nice little gem from my tiny collection... then the bomb dropped, I got attitude... being told no to pictures and to leave her alone. :(
Last ditch attempt I said 'Do you want daddy to take pictures?'
Her reply - 'uhhhhhh YES!' with big smiles and cooperating great.
So in conclusion, she loves mummy when she wants my polish but apart from that no way. Fabulous haha!

Please bare in mind my hubs took these pictures and he is really not the best at this sort lol. I think he did pretty well, I kind of told him to just snap away and ill pick the best - just incase Ocean decided enough was enough lol.

I used only 1 coat because she wouldn't sit still enough for any more coats.

I think the little added gem is so cute!! They lasted all of a few minutes on her though lol.

I hope you all enjoy her little nails this week, I am hoping to capture some of her painting her own nails for next week, if she lets me that is :O lol.

Lou - Ocean xx


  1. your little lady has taste! a-England Briar Rose is a gorgeous polish.

  2. I absolutely adore the Mini T and T posts, Ocean sounds like quite the discerning polish addict already lol (I don't think any of us REALLY enjoy the photography part of it if we're honest?) Can't wait to see what mood she is in next week ;)

  3. Awwww, this post is so adorably cute!! Love that you told the story of how it all went and the lil' one's nails turned out so sweet - gem approved (even if for only ten minutes ;))!


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