Thursday, 6 March 2014

Colors by Llarowe Spring Frenzy 2014 | The Holos

*PR Sample.
Hi loves,
I hope you're all ok, I have had a rough one. Hubby did a night shift and I could not sleep so I stayed up swatching these beauties for you, I thought I would make the most of the quiet night in lol. I definitely felt it today though, I managed to get some sleep around 7am and had the biggest migraine in result most of the day, it has finally gone now though... phew!
On with the beauties I have for you, in the holo part of this collection there are 9 polishes but I am sharing 7 today, I plan on doing nail art with one of them and the other one was a complete pain to capture, so I have a fight ahead with that over the next few days lol.
I wanted to do something instead of plain swatches and I am pretty sure by now you know I enjoy doing the logos! So I went ahead and tried my hand at the CBL logo, this was a challenge but I'm really pleased with the outcome :) - for the base of the logo I used all 9 holos dry brushed over my nail. I did all 9 because I did plan on swatching them all but it was a last minute plan to change.

More macros at the end of this post because I couldn't not include them lol.

Woodstock | A gorgeous yellow holo, I really liked this one surprisingly, I would happily wear this again. I found this the sheerest of the bunch, I needed 3 coats for full coverage.


Young Turks | A stunning bright turquoise holo, the holo in this is super intense I absolutely love it, my camera not so much lol. I used 2 coats for full coverage, one thicker coat would have been great also :)


My Big Girl Panties | A gorgeous pale lavender super strong holo, so beautiful. Again this was 2 coats.


Concrete Jungle | A lovely grey scattered holo, this is truly beautiful. This again could be a one coater with a thicker coat but I used 2 thin coats here.


In Another Dimension | This beauty here I fell in love with the minute I applied it. I wasn't expecting just so much love, it is one of those you need to wear to appreciate it fully. A deepened aqua blue holo with a seriously stunning green flash. I can't get enough, seriously. Again another that could be a one coater but I used 2 thin coats.


Deanna, It's Blue | I literally giggled when I saw the name of this one, my MIL is called Deanna but hates her name, I always call her it though ;) I can't wait to show her this LOL!
A gorgeous deep royal blue holo, a must have for any blue lovers for sure, 2 coats shown. 


Lucy, I'm Home | I was so excited for this one also, so unique IMO and I own nothing like this stunner. A gorgeous coral pink holo, the holo isn't as intense as some others in this collection but it is still glorious. 2 coats.


I hope you managed the full swatch spam without loads of drooling ;)

Formula on all of these was perfect, I had no issue with any. Drying time was fabulous too. No faults at all.

*All swatches have one coat of Glisten & Glow H K Girl Topcoat.

You can find all information on the next restock of these by following the CBL Facebook Page links below -

- Website
- Llarowe Facebook
- Colors by Llarowe Facebook 
- Colors by Llarowe Instagram

Lou xx


  1. I love these. I also love the accent nail...gorgeous.

  2. Just fabulous! Love the swatches and especially the accent nail!

  3. Impressive work on the logo! I thought you'd printed a decal!

  4. So awesome! I love how you changed the swatches around it :)

  5. This is amazing! I think the accent nail goes best with concrete jungle

  6. Wow, that logo is amazing! You did such a great job! And the swatches too, the polishes are so gorgeous!


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