Friday, 14 February 2014

Red Galaxy of Love Nail Art & Pictorial #RINAILART

Hi Loves,
Second post of the evening, I am just sharing the love to you all ;)
Today I have another galaxy to show you, just a week since my last one which everyone loved (thank you!) - I decided I wanted a red galaxy, nothing but red... yes this was much easier in my head. Not having a lot of reds it was pretty difficult, these are growing on me though.
These were inspired by two set of nails I have done, my leopard print block nail art way way back and of course my last galaxy set.

For this mani I used -
- INM Nail Black Hole as a base.
- Sation Kiss My A'S
- INM Nails It's Red-iculuos
- KIKO 361
- Nails Inc St James
- Nail Pattern Boldness Inner Beauty Is For Amateurs
- White & Black acrylic paint
- Make-up sponge
- Tweezers

Although just using one colour throughout I think it came out pretty ok, not as much depth as other galaxies but I do get the feel from this set.

I decided to create a pictorial for you all below -

Steps -
1 - Start with a black base colour and allow to dry.
2 - With a piece of make-up sponge and your lightest red, dab each nail in various places.
3 - With a new piece of sponge dab another shade of red randomly.
4 - Again with a new colour repeat the above.
5 - Continue to dab in various places with all your chosen polish until you have something similar.
6 - Using white paint or polish dab tiny dots over the entire galaxy and little stars too.
7 - Sketch out the letters & heart using black polish.
8 - Fill in any remaining galaxy outside of your lettering with black polish or paint.
9 - Topcoat and enjoy!

I have entered these nails into River Island We Heart Nail Art Contest ;)
I hope you all like this of course :)

Lou xx


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