Saturday, 15 February 2014

Nail Art Inspired by Dan Roots

Hey loves,

How has your weekend been so far? We have had the MIL around to stay with us :) 
Finally now that all the lovey dovey stuff is out the way, different nail art can happen! That sure has with me today, a few months ago I found an absolutely amazing artist on Instagram. 
Dan roots is all about colour, in any of his work it's so bright and colourful! I love and adore his art. 
You all know I love doing artists work on my own nails, I had to try this! The minute I saw it, I saved it and finally I have done it! 

I used Barry M Fuchsia on my index and middle finger, Sinful Colors Pull Over on my ring and pinky. 
I did the art using paints and finally I topped it off with my last drop of Glisten & Glow H K Girl Topcoat. 

This was such a test for me, all the perfect lines and colours in Dan Roots work is actually harder to copy then I thought. I am really pleased with the outcome though.

Below is the original work by Dan Roots.

I do hope that you all like my work and Dan Roots too if he gets to see this :)

Find Dan Roots -
- Facebook
- Instagram

Lou xx


  1. This is sooo amazing! What a wonderful recreation on your nails!

  2. I'm so blown away by these! Awesome job! x

  3. Wow! This is absolutely amazing, so detailed!

  4. You are outstanding! Super colourful, fun inspiration and you've done it justice beautifully!!! Awe-mazing work! <3

  5. Wow! This is A.Ma.Zing! You just keep blowing me off my chair with your talent! <3

  6. I'm so in love with this manicure! Hats off!


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