Monday, 10 February 2014

Mini Me Monday | Introduction

Hi loves,
Today is the start of a new series, I figured it would be fun to do and I had a great response when asked on my Instagram if people would enjoy this.
Mini Me Monday will be showcased by my 2 and a half year old daughter Ocean, she is your typical little lady but with a huge passion for nails. I guess seeing mummy doing nails all the time she wants to be just like me. I love it!
She is the first and youngest Instagram nail addict, I decided to start her own IG because she loved to look at her own manis and this way it was all together in one place. Although whenever I am looking at my phone she will now say ''Want to see my nails'' LOL.
Here is my angel posing to showcase her nails that she painted herself -

Being only 2 and a half I decided it would be perfect to set aside all my mini nail polishes I had mostly been sent to review (after I had reviewed them obviously) to start her own collection.
I will mainly paint her nails but she loves to do her own, these are perfect for her and that way I don't chance my own collection being ruined if she ever gets ahead of herself lol!

Recently I have been doing little nail art on her, simple quick and easy. She fidgets so much even when she tries to stay still lol, either way she always loves the outcome and will show everyone.
Just like us nail addicts she loves her nails, when I use cuticle oil she has to also. When I receive nail mail she always gets excited and followed with that is ':O Nails for me mummy'.
Of course I will say yes and let her wear them sometimes ;)
She has even nailed her own hand pose already, it comes natural to her!

With having her own IG and me getting to take pictures, she wants to paint her nails all the time  now and then look to me and say ''Picture mummy'' :O.
She is so careful at painting although not perfect at it yet, maybe in a few years ;) but for now she will also 'clean up' around the edges as best she can.

I think this series will be fabulous, both for my Mini Me and everyone who reads, atleast I hope everyone will love this! It will continue every Monday from now, either being a simple swatch or some nail art I may have done for her.
Usually she will do her nails 2X a week max as I don't want her playing with them so much being young.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I wanted to give a little run down on what will be happening and of course share some pictures.

Enjoy all,
Lou xx


  1. Aww, she's bloomin adorable! Sounds like her painting skills are already better than mine were a year ago too! :D x

  2. I absolutely adore her! So cute that she is following in Mommy's footsteps. :) I can't wait to see more of her little nails and her creations.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is beyond cute!!! I look forward to this series! :)

  4. She is so cute! I look forward to your new posts about her!

  5. She is adorable. I have a daughter too, but she does not share my hobby yet, she is 7 yars old so she has a lot of time for this :)

  6. Such a cute way for you guys to bond

  7. She is absolutely adorable, I love her little hands and nails! If she is interested in it then it's awesome that she gets to have her nails done - and try for herself! Bless her x x

  8. CUTE-NESS OVERLOAD...& I look forward to every post she's in. LOL What great mommy & me time you get to have. <3


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