Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Matching Nail Art & Ring | HWStar

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Hi loves,
How has your Tuesday been? Mine has been pretty crappy up until a certain point, first off I ended up with only 3 hours sleep -.- I am the worst sleeper anyway but this took the biscuit LOL. On top of that my little munchkins were on a 'let us wind mummy up' mood, safe to say I will be catching some much needed snoozing in a while!
It all went up and up from there though, I had a fangirl moment twice!! The amazing pair - Colors By Llarowe and Jindie Nails followed me on Instagram, this is huge to me!  I am still pretty speechless and have no idea why they are following but I can't thank them enough! :D
On with todays design, I got sent this beautiful blue opal ring by HWStar Shop along with 3 more which will be on the blog within the week or so.
I wanted to match my nails with the ring but not overpower its amazing beauty - I mean check it out! So so gorgeous, since seeing these I have fallen for opal jewellery big time!

I used Nails Inc Soho Silver on my index finger, on the rest I did 2 coats of Sally Hansen Calypso Blue and then I attempted the 'saran wrap' technique using Sally Hansen Resolution.
Failing to realise how subtle the effect is with these together until after finishing... I actually like it. The pop of Resolution that you capture is just lovely.
I was focused on getting the saran wrap technique right - I have tried before and failed fyi lol!.
I used silver acrylic paint for the nail art, when doing this I actually had something different in mind but soon changed it to what you see, I much prefer how it matches the ring this way.

I hope you all enjoy this simple matching nail art and the beauty of the ring.
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Enjoy all,
Lou xx


  1. Happy that you love my ring...you nails art matching well with opal ring


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