Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dollish Polish Totes Magotes! Swatches, Review & Nail Art

Hi loves,
How has your day been? Mine has been pretty hilarious all together!! I've been in fits of crying laughter around 4 times! First up me and the hubs did the 'Bean Boozled Challenge' which if you don't know is - you have several different coloured jelly beans of which the one colour could contain either a bad or good taste... I.E Rotten egg or buttered popcorn. I thought it would be a good laugh for the pair of us and OMG! The hubby was in pain, he was scrubbing his teeth, mouth wash.. the lot - he landed rotten egg on that. I was curled over laughing, I could not breath! From then he took forever to eat anymore - we had to do countdowns haha!
I did get some horrific flavours but that rotten egg must have been the worst!
*We got the idea from NailedItNZ < click to watch the video :)
On top of that on the way home from picking my son up from nursery - he tripped over. After asking if he was ok he replied 'No' and was fake limping.... the note that dropped here is what made me cry in public from laughing so hard... he states 'My leg is all bendy!' Bless him.
Ok, I just had to share with you all lol! On to todays gorgeoussss polish :O I absolutely fell in love with the polish and even more so when I put it on. Stunning!
Totes Magotes! | A stunning rich mint subtle holo stunner. Application is fabulous, I applied 3 thin coats. The design is done using paints and I also used INM Black Hole.
All topped with one coat of Glisten & Glow H K Girl Topcoat.

Sadly, this polish was limited edition for Dec/Jan :( but if you find it on any blog sales etc - grab it! ;)

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Enjoy all,
Lou xx


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