Friday, 28 February 2014

Be Creative Nail Art Pen Inspired By Sam Biddle | Review & Nail Art

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Hi loves,
If you remember the other day I was talking about a new tool for nail art? I have finally got round to getting this posted.
I was super excited to come across this little tool and couldn't wait to use it, I always love finding new things to use and what will help me with my nail art!
In my package I also received three different paints - red, natural & dark ruby.
The three colours were a mix, I could not think of any design to do with them .. literally nothing, for days I rattled my little brain LOL!

The pen is excellent, I really am impressed with this little gadget and will continue using it a lot! It flows brilliantly and you can capture neat lines without a striping brush etc.
Along with that it is easy to clean, assemble etc. A must in any nail artists kit I think!
I came up with the following design, using INM Black Hole, OPI My Vampire Is Buff and the three water based paints provided, along with my own black acrylic paint (watered down).

A quick up close and personal with the pen, you can see how small the nib is. The neat thing about it is you can create thicker or thinner lines depending on how much pressure you use.
Below I will include Sam Biddle's 'How To Use The Nail Art Pen' below :)

The pens are priced at only £7.50 each, they can last ages if used correctly but replacement nibs can be bought also :)

Find the nail art pen -
- Website

I hope you all enjoy, if you have any questions let me know below :)
Lou xx


  1. I've been wanting to try this pen for ages but didn't know where to buy it thanks for great review, the final result looks great!

  2. can you use soak off soft gel in it?

    1. I don't believe so, there is a 'needle pen' I believe can be used with gel, best looking at the website :)

  3. That's the pen I use - it's fab and has made my artwork so much easier.

  4. thank you for such a great review...and love the design you came up with! I would have also been hard pushed to use those colours together....but you did...and i would soooooo wear them! I am glad you like the is an ace tool to have in your kit! hope to see some more great artwork when you use it again.

    1. Very honoured you like my work Sam :) it is a fabulous pen and I will be using it a lot more in my nail designs x

  5. I have a question - how likely is it that when drawing with this tool you would ruin polish underneath? Like when you're using nail art pens and the tip digs into polish?

    1. I haven't had any issues hun, I use HK girl before my designs and waited around 5mins before testing. It glides on very smooth and I've experienced no dragging

  6. amazing - i am actually drooling at the control this might give me!


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