Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Winstonia 5 Piece Nail Art Brush Set and Metallic Studs | Review and Nail Art

Hi loves,
Today I have a review of a set of brushes from Winstonia Store plus some red and green metallic studs, I was quite excited to have this opportunity as I am always on the look out for new brushes with my nail art, I figured this would benefit others also as I get asked a lot what brushes I use.
I chose this set of 5 because the tips on them looked fabulous, along with the detailing brushes is a striping brush, I can never do good lines so I was ready to try this one out the most. I have always struggled with the cheaper striping brushes and completely gave up with them lol!

I haven't used all 5 as of yet, I like to work my way through one brush and so on, the two I have been using are the striping brush and the one sitting next to it (pictured).

Before I continue I thought I would state this, when I first opened these brushes I had what looks like ink transfer all over my hand -.- luckily it does wipe away very easily, I pictured below (left) can you see the strange sheen and on the left this was after wiping down the two brushes. I have no idea what this is or if it happens with all of them but just a warning. The brushes work absolutely fine now and no more transfer after I wiped them ;)

On to the brushes themselves, the striping brush is amazing! One of my aims this year is to fix up on my lines and I am really pleased with my progress, the brush is by far the best I have worked with and I will always use it from now on. It glides on effortlessly and makes working so much easier - for someone who failed badly at lines this is a must for me.
You have full control of the brush unlike the cheap 99p liner brushes I have used that are stiff and like to wiggle wherever they feel.
The detail brush is also brilliant! For more detailed work i.e eyes on small faces this wouldn't be so good, the brush is very soft so working with the tip can be a bit woah at first, I found this extremely useful for filling in larger spaces like shown below. I love this brush it is very easy to work with again like the liner brush.
I rustled together a quick random design using the brushes and metallic studs, I had no plan in mind so just went for it. I received the red and green mix of tiny round studs which was pretty tough in a sense, I am so used to easily matching silver or gold studs so coming with coloured ones I was like ... ah! Anywhoooo , I did some simple mixed nails, fully using the 2 brushes on my middle finger and the studs on my ring finger.

I used Barry M Spring Green and Kiko 361 for the nail art along with black acrylic paint. My ring finger is INM Black Hole.

Below is more nail art that I have done this year minus the Christmas ones, with use of the brushes. Both brushes were used entirely for the two manis on the left of the picture. :)

I hope that you like this post. :)
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Lou xx


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