Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Models Own HyperGel Swatches and Review

*PR Sample.
Hey again,
I am double posting today because Models Own hit 250,000 likes on their Facebook Page!! Congratulations MO!
I got sent these HyperGel Polishes only days ago, it was a complete surprise and a great one at that, after I first saw MO share these on their FB page I was like :O:O ooo! *Insert typical nail polish maniac reaction* ha!
I was mostly interested in 2 - both of which I got lucky on receiving!
This is going to be a bit of a longish post, I wanted to cover all details best I could and give input on formula per polish because they did vary.
Before I start here is the claims for these HyperGel Polishes -
''Promises to give you super-high-glossy gel-effect with extra vibrant colour. Ten brand new mega-shine shades that are highly pigmented, long lasting and chip resistant.
New gel formula glides on effortlessly for a flawless manicure with no streaking or dragging. The thicker gel gives a raised effect and allows you to apply a single coat for an extra glossy finish, with expert coverage for an immaculate at-home manicure.''

The three I am sharing with you today are Cornflower Gleam, Pink Veneer & Naked Glow.
Cornflower Gleam | Its as the name suggests which is just beautiful! Once I began swatching this I knew I was not going to get one coat from it. Although this isn't the thickest in formula out of the 3 it just wasn't going to work - and yes I did try. I had no issues with this one and I got 2 easy coats with it. The shine is absolutely beautiful, blown away.


Pink Veneer | Oh boy, I don't quite know where to start with this one. The shade is absolutely beautiful - everything you could want in a baby pink polish but the formula was something else. I know these are meant to be 'thicker' but I just couldn't work with it. I did all 4 nails but ended up removing them because they were so gloopy thick. At first I tried a thin coat and then a thicker second coat. After removal I went back in with two thin coats - which looks fabulous on camera right? Unfortunately IRL I could see 'bald spots' only very faint but I would probably use three thin coats next time.
I was so frustrated because from other reviews this polish worked great, just not for me.
The polish did drag, I had to be quick with it like brush one part and be done .. no touching up a part you just painted sort of situation.

Naked Glow | My absolute favourite of the 3, this colour is just perfection! I was so happy to have got this one because even though I rarely wear nudes I have to have them! This is such a gorgeous cream colour, which made it even better for me because I have been long awaiting a colour that suits what I want, this is it! This was around the same thickness as Cornflower Gleam, application was much easier - I used 2 coats again.

Dry time | I have had Naked Glow on for 1 hour and 8 minutes (currently 9.33pm UK) and it is fully touch dry - after around 3 minutes it is at the tacky stage and it does stay that way for a while. Knocking my nails on stuff and no dents but I can make slight ones with my nails.

Shine | Absolutely amazing! No other word for it, I am floored by the shine on these. 

I can't comment on the 'long-lasting and chip resistant' claim at the moment.

Do I think they are worth it? I would say yes some. I would highly recommend Naked Glow but Pink Veneer I wouldn't from my own experience but from others its been great - I would give them a shot and may well grab others myself :).

Release dates --
HyperGel launches exclusively in all UK Bottleshops on Saturday, February 8th, online at http://modelsownit.com/ on Wednesday, February 12th, in Boots UK from Wednesday, February 19th and in Superdrug from Wednesday, March 12th.
The reason I double posted was because Models Own are offering you the opportunity to get these early in their 50% off sale starting tomorrow (Wednesday Jan 29th) at 10am!!
Follow them on FB below so you can be first to see the code that they will post at 10am.

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Enjoy all,
Lou xx
*PR Sample, all opinions are my own.


  1. These sound interesting! Might have to give them a go if I can :)


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