Friday, 3 January 2014

Minnie Mouse Sketch - Mix and Match

Hi loves,
I have another mix and match style to share with you today. This was inspired by my daughters super cute Minnie outfit, which I could not get a picture of her wearing - girls! LOL.
I loved the sketch feel to Minnie and the heart, so perfect!

I used Sally Hansen Dorien Grey on my middle and ring finger along with Barry M Blood Orange on my index and pinkie aswell as parts of the nail art.
The rest of the art was done using acrylic paint - all topped with one coat of H K Girl Topcoat (which doesn't look as shiny here because I was fully in the lightbox to hide most of the glare;))

I hope you all like this nail art - I am not sure what is going on with my pictures.. unless I am just seeing things, please let me know if they are ok from your point of view? :)

Enjoy all,
Lou xx


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