Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Mini Leopard Print Nail Art

Hi loves!!

Happy New Year!!!! My goodness 2013 went by fast didn't it? I must apologise for being silent through christmas, I decided to take a break due to personal things but I am back nowwww, daily posts will resume woo! :) 

I decided to start of 2014 with not only a new nail shape, not a major difference but I went a little more squoval and to jazz them up with one of my favourite things - mini leopard print!  
I got inspiration from a bedding set, which I must own!!!! 

I used white polish as a base and the rest is done with acrylic paints. I love the outcome although I hope to improve my line work, so annoying! I shake a lot so blah -.- lol! 

I hope you are all enjoying the start of the new year :) 
Lou xx


  1. Ooh I like the mini print - Happy New Year!

  2. These mini prints you do are always so amazing! Happy New Year!

  3. It's just perfect, and that mini leopard print is so gorgeous!

  4. Absolutely perfect.
    I have never tried such a small leopard print. It really looks amazing, but you have to be very patient to do all that right?!
    Love it a lot.

    Happy New Year!

  5. oh my gosh - so much skill to do something THAT small...if YOU shake bad I can only imagine what my shakes must look like! this is glorious!

  6. So beautiful. I love the mini leopard print. I wouldn't have the patience to do such a small print!! hahaha...
    And your lines are perfect!


    Emy :: Artemilly


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