Monday, 20 January 2014

3D Butterflies ...

Hi loves,

Today's nail art is kind of a fail, maybe? I'm not sure, I love my pinky the most but the rest I am not so happy about blah. I decided to post anyway because it's not bad bad, I hope! Lol. 

This idea happened whilst I was having a chat with Barbra from ILNP and I instantly thought ooooh I know what to do using Nostalgia, one her amazing ultra chromes. I knew it would look amazing if I could pull it off that was lol! 

Nostalgia is crazyyyyy! I tried to capture the colours throughout each butterfly which I think happened pretty well for such small painting. Obviously I will be doing a full swatch of this polish, I just thought how cool would it be! Lol 
The background was inspired by shabby chic wood, hopefully that comes across somehow lol :/

I hope you enjoy this, sometimes things seem better in my head as to when I actually paint them :( lol! 

Lou xx


  1. I really like how these turned out. Gorgeous!

  2. Absolutely no fail going on with this mani! It's so stunning!!

  3. Wow!!! they are so pretty. they look real and I super love the colors that you have used. Great job!

  4. Are you kidding?! How could you feel nothing but awesome love for these?! They're gorgeous and I can't still believe that the butteflies were done with only one polish - Nostalgia is indeed fantastic! Wow! Just wow! <3


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