Friday, 30 August 2013

Monthly Mani Favourites - August

I usually just do this tag on Instagram but seeing as my phone is being an a** I chose to include them here too! 
Monthly mani favourites is just a round up of the manis you have done that month that are your favourites, obviously! Lol! 

I haven't done my nails much at all this month, actually shocked at just how low it is :( damn life. I have chosen 4! These have all been on my blog so you can go ahead an see the full posts on each :) 

So up first is my Spider-Man mani, most detailed art I've probably done this month & I love it! I have tried & failed him before so pretty glad I succeeded? Lol! 
Second are my Paris nails (check the post or my youtube for the video on these) - I just love the not perfect sketchy look! :)
Next we have the delicate rose style mani, I rarely do stuff like this.
Lastly my shark nails!!! Hahahhaa - I still giggle every damn time, how darling is e LOL! 

So that's the brief of my favourites, which on of the 4 is yours? 
Would you like to see this every month? Let me know ;)

Hope you're all well,
Lou xx

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Spider-Man Nail Art ;)

Well well, guess who done some detailed nail art finally? Yaay!
It felt so wierd to get this detailed after a break but it felt so good! I am pretty pleased with the outcome of these & I sure got the thumbs up from my 3 year old son, who sadly yesterday bumped his head :( & so I did these to cheer him up! He was certainly impressed, took more of an interest in my nails then the movie ha! 

Above with matte topcoat*

I was debating on adding more but I really love the way the black & red just adds enough! 

I hope you all enjoy this too :)
Lou xx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I've gone short!! Red & White hearty nail art

Yep, guess who decided to file her nails down! I wanted a change & plus my nails grow so damn quick it's annoying!! 

I chose to go as short as I could with keeping them square & level looking ;) 
I actually love them! I think I will be sticking with these, what do we all think? 

I used Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud on ring & pinky fingers, on index & middle I used LACC 1945

Isn't this such a cute idea for valentines day?! I'm ahead of time for once boooom hahaha! 

Enjoy all,
Lou xx

Monday, 26 August 2013

Paris Inspired Nail Art and Youtube Video

Hi loves,

I did this mani a few days ago, if you are following me on Youtube or Instagram you may have already seen it!
I love love love this nail art, I really did not want to remove it! It is a pretty easy to create.. Hopefully you can see that in the video - unfortunately I could not really do a step by step as I can't speed up videos on the iPhone app :(


With topcoat*

My favourite has to be the rose, how eye catching is it! I chose to do it sort of 'sketch' style instead of nice and neat. Also adding in the pink for a little bit of colour.

Here is the video :)

I hope you all enjoy, please let me know what you think below :)

Lou xx

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Shoutout Sunday

Wow, that time already? I got to say I love it!
I have chose our few for this week, so lets enjoy & admire the gorgeous talent <3

*star struck* How amazing are these!! Definitely one of my absolute favourite manis I have ever seen!

By -
Instagram - @Totallynailedblog
Blog - Totally Nailed

Pink Black & White mix an match! One of my favourite colour combos and these are amazing!!

By -
Instagram - @Hoyobie

I fricking love galaxy nails & these my oh my!! Perfectionnnn.

By -
Instagram - @BettinaNails
Blog - BettinaNails

More amazing mix an match! These are just gorgeous!! Perfect colour combo too.

By -
Instagram - @NailCandii

A beautiful flower mani! I am absolutely loving these! Just perfect.

By -
Instagram - @Bwlblogger

How beautiful are all our Shoutout Sunday manis!
Be sure to check them out an share some love.
if you want to be featured for Shoutout Sunday please go an check out my Instagram.. And tag your manis on Insta using #TandTfeat for your chance!

Lou xx

Friday, 23 August 2013

Above The Curve Guardian and Risen Angel - Review and Nail Art

Hi beauties,
I am so late on posting this, you can tell by the background being white ha :O - I actually still have to sort the other 2 angel polishes from ATC but I will put them in a separate post.
After the disaster I have had, I need time to organise lol.

So today I have 2 polishes from Above The Curve to share - Guardian Angel & Risen Angel, both of which from the Fallen Angel Collection.

Guardian Angel - shown above with flash. This is a beautiful multichrome, it shifts from pink to gold to purple with added holo. Yum! Application was great, I did need 4 coats for full coverage, on shorter nails you could use 3.

I wanted to add some nail art to match the polish, I found this cute anime style guardian angel. I think it goes well, with the suttle purple in her wings.

Risen Angel is seriously wow! I adore this, a beautiful dark plum holo polish. I love how unique this beauty is! I used 3 coats for full coverage but 2 would be good on shorter nails.

Again I wanted to accent with an angel, this one sort of creeps me out. Maybe its a good thing, the eyes ... LOL! All in all though I think she goes real well with this polish.

I am loving these and can't wait to get the others swatched!
Which one is your favourite of the two?

Above The Curve can be bought on their Big Cartel store. Full size bottles are all on sale at the moment ranging from $5.50 to $7 :)
Please remember that $1 of every bottle sold goes to Shriners Hospital for Children.

Follow them on Facebook for all updates and new releases etc ;)

Lou xxx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Worn out denim + rainbow leopard print Youtube Video!

Hey all,

I don't know if you remember my worn out denim look, I posted it on my instagram also where a few people wanted a tutorial!
I finally did one about a week ago - so sharing here now Guest Blogger week is over.

Here is a quick image but check the post here for more.

And here is the little video ;) I hope you enjoy! I am nowhere near any nail youtubers but I do the best I can with what I got :).

Lots of love,
Lou xx

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Jacava London Blueberry Muffin; Review, Swatches and Nail Art

*PR Sample
Hey gorgeous loves!
I am finally back to blogging - and what better way to start.
I received this gorgeous polish by Jacava London to review for you all, I decided to throw in a little simple nail art also!

I chose Blueberry Muffin from their line just because it looked gorgeous - mind they all do! ;)

This is one gorgeous lilac crème with perfect application! I only needed 2 flawless coats.

I decided to add in the roses & leaves with this - love the outcome. I chose gold just because it matched the Jacava bottles, which may I add has 22carat gold print. Ooooola ;)

Jacava London polishes are all 8-Free! This polish is amazing & really does have some super high gloss finish! The formula is wow!
Jacava nail polish is priced at £14.50 - with free delivery over £30 :)

You can buy Jacava from their website, along with Amazon & Feel Unique.

Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Hope you are all good,
Lou xx

*PR Sample

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Shoutout Sunday

As the title states, it is time for another round of the Sunday love ;)
I love checking out the #TandTfeat hashtag on Instagram, finding all the amazing talent is wonderful! I have picked our few for this week so enjoy!

Find out more on my Instagram if you want to be feat! :)

Look at this beautiful mani! I am in loveeee, totally fits what we are all about with nail art <3

By -
Instagram - @JessicaElizabethx
Facebook - I Art Nails @The Salon

Holy smokesss! I am just wowed, adore adore adore!! Beautiful & perfect art work.

By -
Instagram - @Polisheddayyys
Blog - Polisheddayyys

Mix match nails just get me happy every time I see them, & these are gorgeous!

By -
Instagram - @l0lmelissaaa

Minionnnnns! Omgosh, I am loving this mani... Just look at them faces!! Get me giggling, perfect mani!

By -
Instagram - @AnneColt
Blog - Fashionynails
Youtube - AnneColt

Summer lovinggggg, these nails make me want to get on a plane & fly away! Perfect palm trees yum! The base colors are amazing for this.

By -
Instagram - @itstropical93

You all know my love for leopard print! These mint nails were done in honour of Talia Joy, truly beautiful.

By -
Instagram - @_Kaohulani_

SpongeBob! Booya, not going to lie, I love this cartoon :O & these nails are beyond perfect!! Serious skill.

By -
Instagram - @Arvonka_nails
Blog - Arvonka-Nails

Just look at all these beautiful nails! Thank you to everyone who tags #TandTFeat on Instagram - If you want to be feat then don't forget to use that hashtag!

Enjoy all
Lou xx

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Guest Blogger for August - Polished To Precision

Hi loves, its our last lovely guest blogger for this month! Tiffany from Polished to Precision has a lovely post for us, enjoy all xx

Hello Lovelies!!! I am so honored to do a guest post for Tips & Topcoat today! I have been in constant admiration and astonishment of the intricate designs, details, and artwork that Lou creates. She is absolutely amazing! 

My name is Tiffany and I live in Orlando, Florida. Yep…that’s right…Disney World is practically in my backyard. I am married to a wonderful man and we have three young children (8 and 9 year old boys & a 2 year old daughter). I am currently entering into my last year of study for my Master of Social Work degree. My blog is called Polished to Precision and is VERY new, as I just started on August 1, 2013. I am into my second week and I am having a blast. Come and check it out when you have a moment…

Today I decided to create a look using a few of my A England polishes.  To begin, I used one coat of Saint George on my ring and middle fingers. I also used two coats of King Arthur on my pinky and index fingers. 

Next I decided to try some nail art using my striping tape. This is my first time attempting a gradient with striping but I am rather pleased with the outcome.
I placed the tape diagonally on each nail. For the middle and ring fingers, I added Saint George, Dragon and King Arthur to a cosmetic sponge and dabbed each color until the nails were covered. I then pulled the tape off (while still wet) and added topcoat!! Taa-dah!!!
For my pinky and index fingers, I used the same technique as above. I changed the order of the colors on the sponge to create a slightly different effect. This time I used King Arthur, Dragon, and Saint George (in that order) and sponged them onto each nail until covered, removed the tape (while wet), and added topcoat.  
I really love the look of gradients and the striping tape adds another element, without becoming overwhelming.  
I really hope you like the look I created! Thank you so much again Lou for this opportunity. As I stated above, I am very new to the blogging world, so I would be happy to have you follow the progression of my blog. My information is below! 
Instagram- @polishetoprecision 
Twitter - @PolishPrecision
Pinterest- @PolishedtoPrecision 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Guest Blogger for August - Nerd4Nails

Our next lovely blogger is Kayle from Nerd4Nails, enjoy all <3 x
Hi everyone! Fancy seeing you here ;-) This is Kayle, nail art enthusiast from the instagram account @nerd4nails and the blog  
Today I get to share something pretty special with you guys and dolls, swatches for 3 Limited Edition Polishes from the indie brand Lumina Lacquer!
If you aren't familiar with Lumina Lacquer yet, she's the queen of glitter bombs. Her polishes are bright and gorgeous with the best glitter formula I've encountered. Her stock tends to sell out fast, and most of her polishes are LE's, so if you want them, you've got to grab them fast!
The first polish I have for you is Max is the New Black, inspired by Max from the hilarious show 2 Broke Girls.
When I first got this polish, I thought it was blue with silver sparkles, but when it applied I was excited to find it was actually full of tiny iridescent squares. The formula was a dream, and for those with shorter nails, you can probably get away with 1 coat to full opacity. I needed two to cover up my VNL. The simple nail art on the ring finger is a copy of the necklace that Max wears on the show.
The next polish I have to show you is Get Lucky. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has spent my entire summer humming this song!
This is a sparkly glitter bomb full of tiny holographic glitter, small and medium hex in silver, matte red and black, large blue hex, and large holo silver circles. The is a super dense glitter that was perfect for gradient and would look amazing over a holo polish! I used one coat with some dabbing for the gradient (over Max is the New Black) and 3 coats alone on my ring finger. It was actually really hard to photograph because of how sparkly it was!
Last but not least is my personal favourite, Pinball Wizard. If there were a nail polish dictionary, a photo of this would be under ''Glitter Bomb''
This baby is packed with matte glitter of every shape you can imagine. Hearts, Hex, Squares, Circles, Stars, Moons, and Diamonds in every size and color packed into a perfect formula. Each nail is ONE coat of this beauty, dabbed on. It would be impossible to get one of every glitter onto a single nail, and I have pretty long nails! I put this over a gradient of Zoya Trixie and Storm, and on the ring finger I created a little pinball machine out of the glitter in the polish!
Which one is your favourite from the upcoming collection? You can get updates about releases and special offers from the website! Bottle shots all from @Luminalacquer on Instagram.  

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Guest Blogger for August - WalkInMyEyeshadow

Today we have the lovely Natalie from WalkInMyEyeShadow sharing with us, enjoy all x

Hey Ladies,

My name is Natalie Elise and I run the Australian beauty blog WalkInMyEyeShadow.I have been following Lou through her blog and Instagram for a while now and I feel very privilaged to be able to write this guest post for her blog.

Today I have a gradient stamping manicure for you. I have seen this techniqued used by a few other nail enthusiasts and decided to try it out for myself to share with you today, this is how it turned out:

As a base colour I used two coats of China Glaze "Something Sweet", a soft pastel pink creme polish from the Up & Away Collection [2010]. This colour is really gorgeous and sometimes looks like it has got a little bit of a lilac base to it and is very easy to apply.

I then stamped an image from Dashica Beauty Shop Big SdP C using a combination of China Glaze "Joy", a muted purple chrome, "Poetic", a bronzey rose gold chrome, and "Passion", a light gold chrome. All three of these polishes came from the Romantiques Collection [2009] and create a beautiful shimmery image over the creme background

..:: ITEMS USED ::..
Duri Rejuvacoat (1 coat)
OPI Original Nail Envy (1 coat)
China Glaze "Something Sweet" (2 coats)
China Glaze "Joy" (stamping)
China Glaze "Poetic" (stamping)
China Glaze "Passion" (stamping)
Dashica Beauty Shop Big SdP C
Stamper and scraper
Seche Vite top coat (1 coat)

I hope you liked my guest post here on Tips and Topcoat and thanks again to Lou for allowing me to appear here. If you would like to see more of my manicures, reviews or makeup tutorials, please check me out via my website, Facebook page and Instagram

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Guest Blogger for August - Follow Gashin

Our lovely Follow Gashin is here for the 2nd post for Guest Blogger Month of August. Enjoy loves!

Hello Lou's lovelies!

I'm so unbelievably honoured to be able to guest post here at Tips and Topcoat. Lou is amazingly talented, as you are obviously well aware, and I've been such a huge fan for such a long time! I wanted to do something painted because of her painting skills, and this is what I came up with.
I was out hiking this past weekend and ran into some bleeding hearts. What an interesting flower! I find them strangely irresistible. Unfortunately, the awesome dark-green-on-dark-purple background comes across TOO dark in the lightbox, so some of the nuance of this mani is lost-- should have thought of that before I ended up with a fully finished hand! ;) 
But here is a flash photo to give you a much better idea of how the colours come across in person:
And of course the requisite close-up!!
And today, just because you're all so wonderful, I'm actually going to show you my Cinderella hand! GASP! I opted for Ophelia's Love because it has a lot of visual interest, being a thermal and all. And the pinkish flakes that fill it mirror the pink bleeding hearts very well. :) You can see the full transition on a couple of my fingers-- this was pretty hard to achieve because my hands are usually so cold!
Polishes used:
Wonder Beauty Products - Euphoria
Zoya - Katherine
Polished by KPT - Ophelia's Love
Duri - Rejuvacote (base coat)
la couleur couture - 2013 (top coat)
acrylic paints in green, brown, crimson, yellow, white, and black
tiny detail brush

Thank you again so much for having me, Lou, and all my best to you lovelies!


Instagram - @Gashin_Nails