Thursday, 31 January 2013

Born Pretty Store Review - Small Acrylic Bamboo Brush

Today I have a great little review for you all, Born Pretty Store sent me this brush to share :D

It is described on the website as 'Acrylic Nail Art Brushes Small Brush Bamboo Pen Kit'
This brush is great, I like the fact it has a long handle. That may sound completlely crazy, but you'll get to see in the pics what I mean.

I was in a baffle on what nail art to do with this brush, it is small & has a nice pointed tip, but for the extreme detailed nail art I do, it was to soft, I use the point of my brushes for art, but this brush is just amazingly soft!! It is beautiful just how lovely this brush is.
For very small details I wouldnt say its usuable, but for zebra lines, leopard print, larger areas that need painting... PERFECT!!

Would I recommend this? Yes! I will continue to use this brush alot, I absolutely love it!
Coming from someone who does as much art as I do, that has to be something right?

The link to this brush is -
It is priced at $1.95!!!
That is incredible, you can even get 10% off using my discount code HML91.

I have included a photo of the art I did using this brush (for the thinner black lines & writing, I used my normal brush). A post on this art will be made tomorrow.

Lou xx

Nail Sauce Gluttony; Swatches & Review

*I have no idea why the app didnt post this last night ugh!!!*

Following on from yesterdays post, I have Frost My Tart's sister today!! I just love the family polish's haha!

Gluttony is a gorgeous baby pink polish, packed with fine orange glitter, tiny purple holo glitter & larger baby blue hexes.
This polish I also had the fine white powder to it, I really cant say if this is ment to be in it or not. Ive had a browse & cant say I have seen it mentioned elsewhere lol!

Gluttony is fully opaque in 3 coats. Flawless application, absolutely no trouble with it. The blue hexes again came out as they pleased. Which I like.

I am very sorry on this! My camera didnt want to show its true color. As much as I tried my best, it wasnt going to happen :(
The macro is way off the pink, but you can see a clear close up of the glitters & what I mean on the 'white powdery stuff' lol :)

You can find Nail Sauce polish at -
Her polishes are priced at $8.75

Lou xx

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Nail Sauce Frost My Tart; Review & Swatches

I am seriously having a bad few weeks, art has had to take a step back alot, home life problems & being ill. Meh!

A great advantage though, is managing to get through some untrieds! Woo!!
I am always excited when I have indie brands to swatch!!

Nail Sauce makes amazing creations!
Frost My Tart is a milky white based polish, jam packed with larger rosey pink hexes, smaller blue hexes & fine orange round glitters.
I love love loveee it!
I used 4 coats in my pics, but it is fully opaque in 3. I just wanted that extra glitter. ;)
I had absolutely no issue with the glitters, the smaller ones came out packed each time. The larger rosey pink hexes I did no digging for, I let them freely appear when the liked. I much prefer the odd larger hex though.
I noticed in my bottle very fine powder like white bits, I did give my bottle a shake but they never went. Im unsure if its part of the polish or not, but either way I like it ;)

You can find Nail Sauce at

I will have Frost My Tart's sister on the blog tomorrow... Who is excited to see Gluttony? ;)
Be sure to check in
Lou xx

Monday, 28 January 2013

A Simple Half Moon Mani ..

Feeling ill sucks! On this particular day I was like ... I neeeed to do my nails!!! But had 0% energy ugh.

I ended up doing a half moon mani because they are soooo pretty, & I adore doing them!

I used OPI Wocka Wocka! & Kiko 275. I added a simple rhinestone just to add a little jazz haha!
I like the placement of the gem, it doesnt sit in a place you would usually see them... Ok am I making sense? I hope so :P

I love the classic red & black look, even though Wocka Wocka! is by far the 'classic red'. I think it all in all worked lovely.
Sometimes a little is enough ;)

Enjoy my loveys & a huge huge welcome to all my new & old followers, thank you all so much for following me! Its such a big meaning that my art is appreciated. Lots of love
Lou xx

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sideways French Mani with Roses :)

Excuse the late post, I am still not 100% & way behind on my day to day life atm LOL!

Tonight I did a little art, I have not got the eye for detail today so this was cute & quick! I havent actually done flowers yet .. Atleast I dont think I have? Maybe once.
Anyways I thought I would attempt roses for the first time! Eeeek

I love this mani! I am sure I will do it again, it is by far not like my usual nail art, but sometimes 'classy' or different, has to be a good thing right?

For this mani I used OPI Skull & Glossbones, the side french using Zoya Storm & the leaves were also Zoya Storm. Roses were done using acrylic paint.

I hope you enjoy :)
Lou xx

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lacquerhead Polish The Scrambler; Swatches & Review :)

Sorry hunnies, I know I never posted yesterday but I am currently ill so not doing my nails as much atm :(

Today though I have this amazing & fun polish for you all to nosey at ;)
Lacquerhead Polish is another of my absolute favourite indies, I just wanna own all her creations!! Which I will eventually I am sure :P

The Scrambler was top of my list though, the gorgeous pale yellow base just won me over, I loveeee Alischia's creations, its rare that I have seen yellow based indie polish's!
And this one has shredded rainbow glitter .... OMFG slap me now!
Dreamy dreamy dreamy !

I had no trouble with this beauty at all, the shredded glitter's were no bother, no dabbing was needed. They came out perfectly.
I adore how well this polish looks, I actually am not a fan of yellow, I am sure I am not alone here lol. Yet this I loveee & I actually think it suits me Booooyaaaah!! :P
This is like a mini egg! Literally everytime I look at this it screams Easter!!!! ;)

I applied 3 coats of this, no undies at all. Topped with one coat of Seche Vite.
Then of course I had to matte it!!!! I knew as soon as I wore this, matte was what it was.
I used Butter London Matte Finish.

You can find Lacquerhead Polish on Etsy & also keep upto date on Lacquerhead Polish creations - find her on Facebook ;)

Lou xx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

'I Finally Fixed It, Will You Take It Now?' - Dollish Polish The Many Shades Of Mr. Grey Review & Nail Art

I saw this picture whilst google browsing, and instantly knew what to pair it with ;)
Its farrrrrr to cute!! As much as the reason behind this Dollish Polish does not match the art, I had to use it anyway :P

I used 3 coats of Sinful Colors Cross My Heart (to match the heart in the photo, as you will see) with a glitter gradient of Dollish Polish The Many Shades Of Mr. Grey.
On my ring finger I used 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow.

Dollish Polish The Many Shades Of Mr. Grey is a gorgeous glitter bomb! Its in a clear base filled with micro silver glitters, small black & silver hexes & some larger sized silver hex glitters.
It is jammmmm packed, I love it!
I had no trouble with the glitters, with every dunk my brush was fully loaded. Application was perfect to.

The slogan on the title was actually on the photo, but I had no room to fit it on my nails. I absolutely love this mani! I think it all goes together nicely.
This art took me under 10minutes to do, which is good because I am feeling so ill today meh :(

I hope you all enjoy the pictures & the first ever macro of my art!!! :O hehe.
Lou xx

Daily Lacquer A Study In Pink; Swatches & Review :)

Oooolala; whenever pink is involved in a polish; you best believe I will own it or want it!!
This one was a must have & I jumped at buying this baby!

Holo & pink boooooooyah! ;)

This beaut is in what I noticed, a pearly sheen to the pink base, very gorgeous! It is packeddd with tiny holographic hexes & teeeeny holographic squares.
It is on the thicker side but saying that, perfectly opaque in 2 coats! Yummy dummy dooooodaaaa ;) Can you notice im slightly pumped today? No idea why! Im actually so tired haha!
Pink just gets me smiling :P

Daily Lacquer is one of my favourite indie brands, if you dont own one of her polish's ... You have issues. Im just saying! Haha :P

You can find Daily Lacquer on Etsy (search her..... You know you wanna, I know you're gunna ;) haha)

Enjoy the pictures; I did a blurred macro... Just because it looks great! :P
Lou xx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Young Love, Valentines Day Art :)

I first saw a photo on google a while back, came across it again the other night & knew I had to do it on my nails.

They are just to fricking cute!!
I used Essie Penny Talk as my base color; OMG amazing!! This is a one coater! Boooooyah! Amazing is beyond the word for it.
I chose this color just becaus on the original photo, it has a white/grey background. And to be fair I have over 150 untrieds... White needs to stay put for a while LOL! Oooopsie :P.

All the art is done using acrylic paints. This design was much easier to do then I actually first thought & I am happy with the outcome.

Hope you enjoy
Lou xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

Nicki Minaj Nail Art & My Now Favourite Pink! ;)

Oooooolalalalalalaaa! Where do I start :O. An amazing nail mail girly managed to get hold of the Face Of Australia Pastel Collection, for meee (OMG!!). I was adament to have my mitts on this collection, instantly Have Your Cupcake & Eat It Too, became my favourite!

I became a nail addict April 2012 & since then ive been on the hunt for 'my ideal baby barbie pink'... And YES! I found it, now I just know I need a backup bottle or 2 haha ;) its just so yummmmmy!

Have Your Cupcake & Eat It Too is bubblegummmmmmmmmmy! I could melt. I applied 2 coats, amazing.
*I had some trouble catching the true color, sorrrrry :*)..

I chose to do Nicki Minaj, well why is obvious haha! Her face was hard to do but I think it came out ok.

Enjoy all
Lou xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Born Pretty Store Round Glitter Review, Mermaid Scales & Nail Art.

Hey all,
Today I have an exciting post woo! I got sent a pack of 12 Round Shiny Glitter Powder Sheets from Born Pretty Store, to review for you all.
They are sooooo pretty!
As soon as I saw them I just knew what I wanted to do! Mermaid Scales!!
I had no idea how this was going to pan out, but it came quite successful.

There is alotttt in each pot! I used topcoat to stick them onto my nail, they are small round thin glitters but not to small, as youll see in the photos. They are iridescent besides the silver, gold & black which had more of a holographic feel to them, truly beautiful!
Sometimes I noticed I had more than one glitter pick up, it didnt bother me as it showed the color more, as to when its one alone. They are very easy to use, and will last you ages!

I only used the 2 green shades & the white glitter for my mermaid mani. Im sure you get the idea anyway ;) I did use a color polish for my base, just because they are kind of see-through.

These pack of 12 can be purchased here - (copy link) -

They are $7.60 a pack, but currently Born Pretty Store has a promotion going on, bargain!!
(Details below are from an email recieved for you all)

1. Time from 2013.1.20 ~ 2013.1.24 .
2. All orders will get the bling crystal ring for free .
( )
3. Orders over $15 will get 1pc fashion jewellery ( we randomly choose for you . )
Note : One Person ! One Gift !

*Dont forget my coupon code! You can find the picture on the right side of my blog (code is HML91)*

I hope you enjoy my art, please be aware its my first ever time doing glitter placement lol! I did overlap them to give the 'scaled' effect.
All sealed with topcoat too.
They seem very secure to the nail, im a picker so I did pick away at them LOL, saying that they did put up a fight. I kept some on & they were secure till the following night ( I changed my mani ) .
Ive used macro shot on a few, so you can see the beauty of them ;)

Any questions please leave them below & check back for my reply.

Lots of love
Lou xx

Little Love For Valentines Day

Woooo, anyone else think this month has gone pretty fast? Valentines day soon OMG!

I did a quick bit of art, I really could not be arsed to do art that night... It reallllly shows in this mani! I do apologise lol!

I used OPI LA Paz-itively Hot! Beautiful polish! One coater, although I did 2 as always. The art itself is all done using black acrylic paint.

Hope you are all well, anyone already prepared for V Day?
Lou xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Jindie Nails Swoon; Swatches & Review :)

Following on from yesterdays post, today I have my second Jindie Nails :P

Oh my gosh; I just adore her creations.
Swoon is a pale blue crelly polish with large neon hexes, small blue circle & rectangle glitters. Beautiful!

I applied 4 coats on my nails, maybe with the right kind of 'undies' you could get away with 1 coat.
I had no trouble at all with the glitters, they all came out perfectly. The large blue hexes played harder to get then the other neon hexes though.

I purchased this beauty from Llarowe, I know Jindie Nails also has an etsy store ;)
Excuse the macro shot, my camera taking skills suck lately haha!

Enjoy all
Lou xx

Friday, 18 January 2013

Jindie Nails Candy Land; Swatches & Review :)

Woooooooah! I got lucky again at Llarowe hehe, this time with this beautyyyy & Swoon (which ill post about tomorrow ;))

OMG I had to have this, no if's, but's or maybe about it... This was going to be mine. Thats that! Mwaha ;)

At first I was unsure if I needed to have a white base before hand, but I went ahead and tried without.
I used 4 coats in the end... You could easily do 3 but I wanted more glitter ;)
This applied good, it is rather gloopy so you have to be patient. The bigger glitters sometimes never wanted to appear & then did all at once haha!
No digging out the bottle had to be done which is a big plus!
This is a white crelly polish packed with neon hexes of different sizes, they seem thinner than usual glitter, which is great for when one overlaps another color. :P

I absolutely adoreeee this polish! So glad I got my mitts on it ;)
Do I recommend it? Hell fricking yeeee :D

I know Jindie Nails has an etsy store but you can also purchase her polish through Llarowe (google her).

Enjoy loveys
Lou x

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Oodiful; Swatches & Review

I think over the last month or so I have literally been addicted to indie polishs!
I just cant help myself LOL!
Even more so when its not in a clear base, OMG I squeal everytime!

This polish was a high MUST for me... I needed it & you bet I got it, as soon as Llarowe had her restock mwahaa ;)

Nail Pattern Boldness is a grey crelly with a mixture of pink & white glitters. I had high hopes for this .. It was soooo dreamy in pics id seen.. I wouldnt say I was disappointed, but IRL its not as light grey as I had seen. It isnt dark grey dont get me wrong.. its just not as light as what I had seen, if you get my drift :P. Its a beautiful polish though! I love it for sure. Application was good, I would highly suggest a base coat if you dont like layering. This alone needed 4 coats to hide visible nail line. Another pointer for me was the glitters, as much as application was good... I found it needed more glitter.. The tiny white glitters came out most but I had a fair few times, I had to re dip my brush in the bottle for more glitter.

I got as accurate as I could in my photos, as ever the polish & my camera dont like playing fair... Time to invest in a light box? I think so lol :(.

Lots of polish love ;)
Lou xx

Alice In Wonderland - Not The Original :)

I have far to many posts to get through lately OMG! Thought I would maybe double post here and there.

Today I have a piece of art I did a while back, Alice in Wonderland was requested alot on Instagram (@tipsandtopcoat). I figured I would do it... But not the original.
See this piece of art is done by a truly amazing artist Jasmine Becket Griffith. If you dont know who she is - google!! Her work blows my mind!

Now I did try my best, it didnt come out as best I wanted it to. We shall go with it lol. She actually commented on my photo on Instagram! I felt so honoured!!! I literally couldnt believe my eyes :O!! Her work is so unique, I challenge myself to try again soon :D

I used Kiko 322 as my base, the rest is all done using acrylic paint :)

Enjoy all, be sure to check out Jasmine Becket Griffith :)

Lou xx

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Femme Fatale Winter Hyacinth Swatches & Review

Eeeeeek!! As soon as I saw Llarowe announce this would be in the restock, I stalked her facebook till it was time to jump the website hha!

Femme Fatale Winter Hyacinth was a huge must have of mine. ;)
It is a medium turquoise/teal packed with white diamonds & large hexes; small hex & circle fuchsia glitters along with light pink hex glitters.
Although this applied great, I did have moments where no glitter wanted to play minus the smaller ones; by the 4th coat it soon filled up beautifully.

For the photos I used 4 coats, just because I hate any visible nail line. But maybe over the right base colour it would be great in 2 coats.
Drying time for this was amazing, no problems at all.
I used 1 coat of Seche Vite on top :)

Excuse the photos, this was a pain to get good accurate pictures of, I got as close as possible :)
Lou xx