Wednesday, 11 December 2013

piCture pOlish Tuesday | Orbit

*PR Sample.
Ugh, now I know what you are thinking ... it is not Tuesday Lou WTF! Well yes, I have been a naughty blogger. I totally thought yesterday was Monday :( My son is ill so didn't go into nursery (he only attends from Tuesday through the rest of the week). I only realised early hours this morning I was behind duh, bad bad bad :( PP don't hate me pahhhhlease :(
*Also this is the last day of our PP feature, dropping a tear right now :(* 
This polish will make up for it though... yes yes !

Orbit | A very dark inky blurple filled with super micro silver glitters. Most amazingly to add this polish is a one coater - yeeeee boyyyyy! It dries super fast also, I did do 2 coats just for the pics. This polish also shines like no other, reminds me of a little galaxy all going on without the added effort of galaxy nails lol!

You can find piCture pOlish -
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Enjoy all and I am real sorry again :(
Lou xx


  1. Just stunning!! I have it and haven't used it, and it is time for my polish change tonight to a purple (every other time is purple, yep), so maybe I will go with this tonight to match the dark purple on my toes (Lex Peabow). I did actually take all my Picture Polish bottles out of the melmer and lined them up, but then changed my mind and went with Liquid Sky Laquer Glass Slippers, textured glitter light blue, so pretty! go with all the central Ohio snow lately :S

    1. I used a combo of Orbit and Attitude Picture Polishes last night. They're both really pretty. My bottle of Orbit seemed pretty thick, though. It had separated a little and had a layer on top that I could not seem to get mixed back in. When I shook both bottles, I could hear/feel the mixing balls in Attitude, and not in Orbit, it was so thick. I may hit it with a touch of thinner next time, had a little application trouble but you can't really tell cuz it's so dark. :D

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